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InstructorPurchase Program Update
« on: March 20, 2017, 04:21:05 PM »
Ladies and Gentlemen, Fellow Instructors,

     As of this date, Henry has joined Ruger, Smith, and Mossberg in offering Instructor pricing.
Both Smith and Henry are, for the  moment, continuing to use their 2016 Instructor Purchase forms for the foreseeable future.  Will advise
if and when a 2017 form surfaces.
   Some of the companies MAY allow you to purchase items NOT specifically listed on their forms;  I have had good luck with this, but no
guarantees.  E.G., my Henry "mole" tells me I can request non-listed items like Golden Boys, pump  .22s, and center-fire rifles - prices can be
generated BUT some items may either not be available OR take longer than normal to acquire.  Fair warning.

   Interested full instructors will need to provide me with an email address to which I can send, as attachments, the companies' purchase forms,
as they are decidedly not comfortable with posting said forms and prices to the unqualified.

   When purchasing, a copy of your instructor credentials,  as well as a current, local FFL (signed in ink) will need to be enclosed with the form and payment, as everything is now shipped directly to your FFL - which is NOT the case with the CMP Daisy 853 .177 single pump air rifles @ $107 plus shipping, which can go to your house...unless you live in the SAFE city of New York.

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