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Riddle, September 17/18, 2016 AAR
« on: September 19, 2016, 07:12:18 PM »
This was our first Appleseed event a the South Umpqua Rod and Gun Club in Riddle, OR.   This was a great start to what will hopefully be a long relationship with this range.   The range was a fantastic host and allowed us to use the clubhouse during lunchtime to tell our stories in air conditioned comfort!  As the number of registered participants was small, we were able to use the covered 50 yard range for this event.   The SUR&GC range manager, Bill, was very accommodating and helpful at getting the range set up on Friday night. 
A total of 7 patriot Americans attending this event, and I enjoyed the companionship of everyone who attended. 

Congratulation to DJ, our new Rifleman.   DJ attended an Appleseed event in August and then attended his second AS at Riddle and earned his patch.   We had three other shooters that were getting close to achieving their Rifleman patches.  Dan put up an impressive 209, but we just could not find another point to get him over the top.   Kurt and Rich need just a little more practice and they will also be earning their patch soon.

Remember, as we discussed yesterday, one of the characteristics of a Rifleman is persistence.   You can practice all of the techniques you learned this weekend on the comfort of your living room carpet.   Dry fire practice will help reinforce good trigger control skills, as you watch for any muzzle movement as you squeeze the trigger.   Also, if you practice the steady hold factors, they will become more comfortable and you soon find that you will be sleeping with your trigger knee drawn up high.

Thanks again for spending your weekend with your Appleseed instructors.

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Re: Riddle, September 17/18, 2016 AAR
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I saw this on the schedule but couldn't make it. I really hope you get in there again as this is close enough for me to reasonably attend.