Author Topic: cancelled 200 yd KD/ .22lr clinic for prior Appleseed Participants  (Read 451 times)

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Cancelled - Host requested if possible (due to 200 yd range modification/construction/conditions ) Presently,  no one signed up so I have cancelled.  Therefore, the event is cancelled. This host is very supportive of Appleseed for several years and has made gracious accommodation for us in prior matters.   We have another 200 scheduled in July - Please sign up! See Link: :F

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Re: Rifleman only .22 KD-200 yd. MATAMORAS Pa April 22/July 16 2017
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Looks like fun! Would definitely go if it were about 2,700 miles closer !!
You will have no problem shooting a 1 moa group at 200 yards from a prone position using .22lr ammunition.

hey, wait a minute......  "You will have no problem shooting a 1 moa group" ...  :cool2:   Whatzzz'at you say?