Author Topic: ND Instructors, please put our August shoot on your schedule! August 13-14  (Read 639 times)

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Hey folks, just a heads up, I'll be needing some help with our August shoot here at our farm... I'd really like to test for full SB, if I can get a qualified SB+ that can do that for me!  At any rate, a regular SB would also be appreciated, and an extra instructor would be nice.
 Looks like we will be having a good sized event, so some help would be greatly appreciated. So far it's just me and an IIT1 for instructors, and its looking like we'll probably have about a dozen shooters. (I need to get some of the people that have said they are coming to go preregister... :-/ )   
   Thanks in advance!
     Andrew B.

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Thanks for the heads up! I will see what can be arranged.
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