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Your burning IBC questions answered!
« on: July 04, 2016, 06:07:48 PM »
Happy Fourth of July!   ^:)^

I'm excited to report that we have only FIVE spots left at the upcoming Texas IBC!    Some of you have sent in some great questions and I think it would be helpful to publish them here so that we're all on the same page.   If you have a question that isn't addressed here, please feel free to either respond on this thread or send me a PM.   

I really want to come but I don't know if I can take off work.  Didn't you say this was mandatory?
Yep, I did make this mandatory in an effort to get as much of the cadre under one roof as possible.  However, I also understand very well how work gets in the way of fun.   If you're still waiting to find out if you can take off work or if you're unsure if you'll be able to attend, go ahead and sign up anyway.   If you do that and you find out later you won't be able to make it, just let me know and we'll remove you from the schedule - no flogging necessary.    O0

What are you going to feed us?
One of our instructors has graciously offered to bring Minestrone soup and a whole buncha biscuits for the Friday night meal - you won't want to miss that!   
Saturday and Sunday mornings, you'll be treated to the beauty of the Griff's breakfast sandwich.   We'll be bringing in buttery egg and cheese sandwiches on Texas Toast (if you're extra nice, we'll put bacon and sausage on some of them) made by the local Mom & Pop place down the road.   There will also be plenty of juice, coffee and fruit.   
Lunch each day will be sandwiches or pizza, chips, salad and drinks (water, soda). 
Dinner on Saturday will be Tex-Mex.   
We'll bring all the food to the clubhouse so that you don't have to go anywhere or lift a finger. 
*I'll be publishing a more detailed menu once we get closer to the date*

I have special dietary requirements.  What should I do?
We'll have sugar-free creamer and sugar substitutes for coffee each day, as well as diet soda and water available for those who are on low- or no-sugar diets.
If you're gluten-, corn-, lactose-, egg- or anything else-free, let me know (preferably as soon as possible!) and I'll do my best to accommodate you. 

What, um, facilities are available?
There is a free-standing, indoor bathroom facility at the range that offers one women's and one men's toilet.  Inside the bunkhouse/meeting room building, there is an additional set of bathrooms and a shower.   If you plan to shower (instead of the usual baby-wipes-bath), you will need to bring a towel and whatever toiletries you usually use, such as shampoo, conditioner, fruity body wash, loofah... 

I want to come but I can't afford it. Should I just stay home?
NO!   You'll sign up and send me a PM.  We will get you there, come hell or high water.   Shoot Bosses can turn in transportation expenses just like a regular event.   Orange and Blue Hats, you can either try to arrange transportation with your friendly neighborhood Shoot Boss or you can talk to me directly and we'll work something out.    I understand that this is a haul for some of you and I'll do everything I can to get you here as cheaply as possible.   

You said there was a $25 fee for food and a $5 range fee, but Eventbrite says this event is free.  What's the deal?
The event itself is free - there is no charge to participate in the IBC and use the bunkhouse/campsites.  However, we are asking for $25 for the weekend to help cover the cost of food and $5 to cover the customary range fee.   Please bring this in cash with you to the event.   Please do not pay this on Eventbrite as a donation, as I won't see that money.   If money is an issue, please send me a PM and we'll work it out - I do not want a fee for food to keep you from coming! 

Is there an additional fee to camp at the range or to sleep in the bunkhouse?
Nope.  Camping (both RV and primitive spots) is absolutely free.   We just ask that you leave your site just as nice as you found it.   The bunkhouse is also free - you'll just need to bring a sleeping bag (or your fancy silk sheets and frilly comforter - whatever floats your boat) and a pillow, as the bunks are only outfitted with mattresses. 

Are we going to be shooting?
Nope.  This is an IBC which, by definition, is a classroom event.   That being said, we WILL be doing a lot of breakouts to practice diagnosing problems on the line, going through steady hold factors and so on.  Do bring your rifles and empty mags with you so that you'll be ready to participate in these breakout drills; however, you don't need to bring ammo. 
**If you wish to come early and get in a little shooting time, please let me know.  The range *may* be able to accommodate this on Friday morning/early afternoon; however, you would still need to pack it up by 3pm on Friday.**

Can I wear camo?
Absolutely.   Since this is not an event with participants, I don't mind if you want to wear your camo ACUs, BDUs or your RealTree pants.  Michael Adam put it best when he said that an IBC is the place to wear your fat pants.  For me, that's a nice, comfy pair of ACUs.   Leave your skinny jeans at home and wear what makes you feel comfortable.  We'll be getting down on the ground to diagnose problems on the line, you'll be moving around doing breakout sessions and sitting listening to lectures.  Be comfortable.   (Just remember to leave the camo at home when you head back to your respective ranges to run events!)

Do I need to bring cold weather gear?
We will be doing some breakout sessions outside.  For those not acquainted with the range at CTRP, it is a concrete platform with concrete shooting bays.  It does have a soundproof roof and you will be protected from the elements.  We do have a space heater that we bring outside when it gets chilly; however, you will want to bring a jacket, gloves, hat and/or anything else that will keep you warm during the times we are outside.   Obviously, keep an eye on the weather leading up to that weekend to help you make that decision. 

What are "breakout sessions"?
Between talks, we'll be dividing up into small groups to practice the skills we've learned.  Red Hats will be assigned to various stations and Orange/Blue Hats will come around to practice.  For example, after an overview of Inches, Minutes and Clicks, Red Hats will be stationed around the room ready to listen to Orange Hats practice this skill.  Orange Hats will divide up into groups of 1 - 3 people (depending on how many we have) and will team up with an open Red Hat to practice.  The Red Hat will listen, critique and give pointers, as necessary.   We'll have a handy form for Red Hats to fill out for each Orange Hat so that s/he can keep track of progress.   

Same for diagnosing problems on the line.  Each Red Hat will be secretly given a "problem" to model - anything from an improperly positioned sling to jerking the trigger to body alignment issues.   The Orange Hats will break up into groups of 1 - 3 people and go around the room diagnosing problems.  Some stations will have a target to "read".  Others will merely have to watch the Red Hat as he goes through the motions of making a shot. 

Trust me, it's a lot of fun and quite an eye-opener! 

Who is this ITB guy and why is he coming to our event in Texas?
ITB (better known as "Bill") has a fantastic formula for running IBC events.  Using a well-thought-out agenda and a mix of Power Point displays, short lectures and lots of breakout sessions, he keeps the day well organized and running smoothly with very little wasted time.   Since he's handling these logistics, we have more time to focus on honing our skills. 

What happens if we sell out?  I don't have my ticket yet.
The response to this has been GREAT and I'm planning to make it even bigger.  Once I double-check with the range, more spots will open up.  However, don't wait!  You don't want to be left out of this - it's better to reserve a spot and back out later if your schedule won't cooperate. 

I'm not an instructor or an IIT.  Can I still come?
Please contact me privately to discuss.  We may allow this on a case-by-case basis. 

I haven't volunteered at an event in quite awhile.  Am I still welcome?
ABSOLUTELY!  Some of our ranges are no longer offering events, some people have had personal or work issues get in the way of's okay.  We need your help and we want to get you back up to speed.   Come, refresh your skills, reconnect with old friends and meet the new IITs. 
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