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Douglas, WY Sept 09
« on: September 07, 2009, 09:55:06 PM »
What a beautiful WY weekend. Mornings started around 45F and evenings ending around 65F. Highs for the day near 90. Saturday had ten shooters,only a few new shooters in the crowd. Several of return appleseeders. Several no shows, however the walk ons evened it out. Glad to have to WY instructor corp back in action. B-line(formally brian[boring]) and M1brzrk helped run a smooth line. ( me without a voice, I know a blessing in disguise). After two days and the ending of Sunday being a normal appleseed ( you know rain, wind, sun, everything but Fred's favorite ... Snow). Sunday only one non return shooter. After it was tallied we produced one rifleman with several more knocking on the door.

 BTW I am sending a warning to CO, these guys that you have no space for at Ramah.... they are ready to step up.  Hope they show up and burn their targets up like they did here.
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