Author Topic: Ramseur, NC June 11-12, 2016 LadySeed  (Read 547 times)

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Ramseur, NC June 11-12, 2016 LadySeed
« on: June 16, 2016, 12:54:26 PM »
We had a great turn out for the LadySeed!  18 women on line!
The weekend at the Appleseed home range was HOT HOT HOT and Humid.  The temp was 97 in the shade and humidity was above 70 percent.  But everyone stuck it out.
Two IIT2s, BeeSting and BrightEyes, did a great job switching off calling the line and instructing, getting those fundamentals down-they will be great instructors!  Thanks to Adena, a shoot boss, who drove a good long ways to instruct, do a couple of the Strikes, and enjoy the camaraderie of some great women.  Thanks to to Thaddeus who joined us and did a great job of fixing and teaching how to fix broken rifles and sights.
A huge thanks to the women who came out for a weekend of Heritage and marksmanship.  What great modern day women Colonists, interested and excited to learn about their heritage and shoot like the riflemen they are.  I am humbled by all the ways you all move our country forward keeping faith with our past.   It was a pleasure and honor to be a small part of your journey.

Cousin Hart
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Re: Ramseur, NC June 11-12, 2016 LadySeed
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2016, 04:37:10 PM »
What can I say...I love LadySeeds!

These woman came prepared to learn and have a good time despite the heat!

The moment that will stick in my mind from this weekend was a shooter who didn't grow up familiar with firearms and was absolutely afraid of them, she was shaking and nervous as she checked Sunday afternoon she was smiling and couldn't wait to get to another shoot.

The women took to the Strikes and DOM/W Stories which lead to some great conversations about civic duty throughout the course of the weekend!

BeeSting and BrightEyes did a great job running the line and it was a well run shoot by Cousin Hart.

Can't wait to see you all on the line again!

"Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom." - John Adams

"The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave." - Patrick Henry, Speech in the Virginia Convention, March 23, 1775

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Re: Ramseur, NC June 11-12, 2016 LadySeed
« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2016, 02:17:12 PM »
I want to thank the ladies and gentlemen who stuck it out with us newbies in the heat and humidity to share there expertise and show great patience in the whole process of learning how or improving our shooting skills. This all volunteer crew is an inspiration to us that our country can still do great things with little to no resources, just determination. I'm feeling a little colonial already. An extra big thank you to Cousin Hart our shoot boss who remained vigilant over our safety along with Adena, Terry, Stacy and Marna (Beesting) and Thaddeus. God bless you all! Lori H