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Colorado Springs Area
« on: June 13, 2016, 05:55:17 PM »
I received this email - anybody in CO want to run with this? If so give me a PM and I'll give you his contact info. I did reply and told him that Boulder isn't too far and also that I'd post this on the forum:

I would like to set up an Appleseed shoot for a group of (probably) 20 to 30 in the Colorado Springs area.  We do not own a range large enough for a group that size (we do own 2 ranges that can handle 5 or 6 stations each).  Several years ago you held shoots at the Frontier Sportsman’s Club range in Fountain, CO (my wife and I attended two of those—we haven’t qualified Rifleman yet, but would like to).  I don’t know why you stopped doing that, but a couple of us are members of the club and might be able to arrange to use it, depending on why you stopped doing those in the first place.  We would like to do this in the near future (perhaps before summer heat, if that could be done).  In any event, I would like to discuss this with someone via email.
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