Author Topic: Blue Hat and Ladyseed Policy Clarifications  (Read 2027 times)

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Blue Hat and Ladyseed Policy Clarifications
« on: March 02, 2016, 05:15:35 PM »
Hi Team,

A couple of things have come out of a recent meeting that I would like to address.

Blue Hats:

It seems there is a practice of shoot bosses having friends or relatives that come to events but have not yet shot Rifleman. In response the shoot boss gives that person a blue hat until such time as they do shoot Rifleman. This practice is now over.

Our National Applecore Coordinator (Rascal 21) is building a group of professionals to serve as our partners in Appleseed and relieve us of some of our burdens. As such, any person that wears a blue hat to an event will be expected to perform the duties of a blue hat and work as part of the bigger team. This is no different than what we expect from our orange, red, and green hats.

If there is someone that is 12 and you'd like to have become an orange hat, please get in touch with the regional coordinator. He can grant a waiver if it is warranted, but don't give them a blue hat so they can keep coming to Appleseed for free. Use your shoot boss discretion in these circumstances. We cannot have people wearing blue hats but not doing the job, it diminishes the professional reputation, and public perception of our blue hat cadre, and of Appleseed in general.

Lastly, all official blue hat activities and staff fall under the purview of the National Applecore Coordinator (Rascal 21). If she encounters a blue hat that does not perform the job responsibilities, or does not function as part of the team, it is within her purview to ask for the blue hat back. Blue hats are her staff.

Rascal21 does not get to read every IAAR and AAR for the entire country so if you recruit a new blue hat, please notify Rascal 21 via PM so that she can make sure they are aware of their responsibilities, and she can get them more involved (perhaps even at a national level). I assure you we have plenty of work to be done.


Trisha is our National Ladyseed Coordinator. If there is a LadySeed scheduled, or if you are going to schedule a LadySeed, please notify Trisha via PM. She also cannot check the schedules for every state, every week, to learn if someone has scheduled a new Ladyseed; however, she does need to be kept informed.

Also, when we have newly minted female red hats and green hats, please let Trisha know via PM. This way she can help coordinate Ladyseed coverage. Right now there is a relative dearth of female red hats and green hats in the program nationwide. Trisha is trying to address that issue, but will need our teamwork. Similar to above, all all official LadySeed activities fall under the purview of the National Ladyseed coordinator (Trisha).

If you need female red hats, Trisha will likely be able to help you to find and coordinate coverage.

Thank you all for your attention to these matters! If you have any question about these policies, please feel free to contact me directly.

In Liberty,

Dr Rich P
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Re: Blue Hat and Ladyseed Policy Clarifications
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2021, 10:39:38 PM »
Out of ransome curiosity. What does one need to do to become a blue hat or an apple core? And what are the duties they would need to uphold?  :F

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Re: Blue Hat and Ladyseed Policy Clarifications
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2021, 10:50:19 AM »
Generally, you just need to let the shoot boss at your event know that you are interested.  You will then fill out a one sheet AppleCore contract and may get your blue hat at that event or at your next event.  There is not a minimum age to become an AppleCore volunteer, but one has to be 13 to be a range safety officer (AC/RSO)...which involves additional experience and a progress check.

Duties of the AppleCore volunteer vary widely, but basically, you are expected to help with registration at the event and promotion of Appleseed "on the other 29 days".  Here is an excerpt from the AppleCore Manual.

The duties of members of the Applecore can differ greatly from one area to another or even from
one Shoot Boss (SB) to the next. In general the duties consist of helping out with planning,
staffing and promoting shoots, handling registration at the shoot and possibly handing out targets
or (if qualified) clearing, calling or watching the line (must be Range Safety Officer [RSO]
qualified if working the line). At a shoot expect to be working registration, including taking
range fees, handling walk-ons and their expenses, getting waivers signed by all attendees,
distribution of nametags, t-shirts, chamber flags and packets of handouts to the attendees along
with distributing targets or preliminarily scoring of targets if the SB wishes. As for outside of a
shoot, there are always duties that need to happen behind the scenes that Applecore can assist
with. Some SBs or SALs will prefer to have Applecore members organizing t-shirts, or name
tags. Some will ask for paperwork support, or even help with press releases and sending emails,
contacting host ranges or local news agencies. Those specific duties will be assigned based on
the volunteer's abilities or special skills being offered.

All Applecore volunteers working shoots will be required to understand and know the
4 Appleseed Safety Rules as well as the Six Steps to a Safe Rifle. Applecore
members can take part in the telling of history at all events if they would like, and once qualified
by a SB, can support the team by providing additional RSO/LSO duties if requested.

All Applecore volunteers are expected to further the mission of Project Appleseed™ by
promoting it. At their first opportunity, Applecore volunteers should create an online account
with the Project Appleseed™ forum to aid in the ease of communications. Go to the website, and then the ‘RWVA Links' drop-down and click on ‘RWVA Forum'.
This is where the Applecore can communicate with others involved in Appleseed and Applecore.
If you are looking for the Applecore area on the forum, log into the forum, go to the Instructor
Info area and then Applecore. It is also recommended that all Appleseed volunteers, including
Applecore, take some time and read through Paul Revere's Ride, by David Hackett Fischer.
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