Author Topic: The daring misadventures of Glocker21 with Zen Master Clodhopper  (Read 1380 times)

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The daring misadventures of Glocker21 with Zen Master Clodhopper
« on: December 08, 2008, 12:33:22 AM »
First off I would like to thank Clodhopper for meeting me this morning, introducing me to Shootimus's missus (yup, thought that one up myself) and showing me the Three Forks Range and allowing me to shoot with him at the Logan range...generally and wonderful time. Except for Jerry's shooting.

Last night I attempted to pretend I was 19 again. How did I do that? Well being the genius Glocker21 is, I decided it would be a simply marvelous idea to wrestle around with my eldest son. How did it end up? did not end well. I either wrenched my back or pulled a muscle in my back. I attempted to sling up my M1a and do some dry fire practice after the attempt at reliving my youth I discovered that slinging up was NOT a good idea, lots of pain. SOOOOOO...this morning I went to meet with Clodhopper and did not pack any firearms.

Clodhopper was a great host through out the morning and into the afternoon. He must have been sizing me up because he was able to coax me to the Logan range (I was just gonna watch mind you) to give me a "first hand look" at Appleseed shoot procedures. Ummmm, yeah, about that... <:)

So off to the range we go. No I am not exactly sure when or how this happened, but that sly Clodhopper was able to somehow get me behind the controls of his 10/22, heck we even put up targets...I still am not quite sure how he was able to get me behind the trigger.


Bear in mind I did not sling up because it was simply too painful, but I was able to pull out a 128, a darn sight lot better than I thought I was going to do. Imagine my surprise when I shot a "Marksman" score after not having shot a rifle competitively for over two years (hunting and training only).

About 45 minutes after shooting the AQT and scoring a 128, Clodhopper asked me if I wanted more...Ok...we have already established that Clodhopper has some sort of super wazoo mind meld control ability in order to get me to shoot while in pain. Utterly stunning.  <:)

So, the genius being me says "sure" ++). Clodhopper points to the sling on the shooting table and says "slingup". Like a a student wanting to please the professor, I sling up. OK, The first thing I see are all the pretty stars, moons and green clovers then things start to ease up.

I will not bore you with the details but I think I did worse. Is it Clodhoppers fault? Absolutely not it was all me, all he was doing was encouraging me to leave my comfort zone (actually uncomfort zone :D) and "Persist", after all isn't that what a Rifleman does?  O0 Thank you sir, I appreciate it. It was actually rather interesting, the shooting prone seemed to stretch me out a bit so it started to feel a bit better. Seated position was like the floorboards of hell for me because I am heavier than I should be and my hip and knees are pretty much shot but I WILL do better!

I now have a list of things to work on, I have a wonderful understanding of my weaknesses and am beginning to work to overcome them. I have made a promise to Clodhopper to go to the range with him again and I have also told him my goal is to score 210 minimum. I know I can shoot a danged site better than I did today, but thanks to Clodhoppers encouragement I was able to push through most of the pain and shoot. Thank you Zen Master Clodhopper!

Stay tuned Appleseeders for our next installment of The daring misadventures of Glocker21 with Zen Master Clodhopper!

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