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This topic has been moved to Rifle Knowlege Bank at the request of the original poster.

I have searched help but cannot figure out how to move a post from Maine to  Road to Rifleman - Rifle Knowlege Bank

I would like to move "Air Rifles and Logistics of Crosman Benjamin Marauder (PCP) at the Firing Line

Rifle Knowlege Bank seems more appropriate for this post.

I would have moved this post myself but I cannot figure out how how to do it.  Above my pay grade.  ::)

I think an air pellet post could help the younger shooters and start a robust discussion. Pellet shooting continues my quest to improve as a Rifleman.

Pellet guns are extremely accurate at very low price points. No need to choke down a big investment.
Besides, if there is a varmint plague in the garden the new shooter will be very popular with the gardener. If Mom is the gardener, we now have an influential ally in our Rifleman quest.




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