Author Topic: Opportunity to help erect a Memorial for Battle of Cowans Ford Patriots  (Read 662 times)

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Let me preface this by saying I am not speaking in an official capacity on behalf of the SAR, though I am a member.....but I figure that this is potentially a shared interest and thought I would spread the word.  If the following isn't allowed, mods feel free to delete.

The Mecklenburg Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, in association with the General William Lee Davidson Chapter, Sons of the Revolution, and The May 20th Society of Charlotte, NC would like to build and dedicate a memorial to the Patriots who fought and died at the Battle of Cowans Ford and rest in the cemetery of Hopewell Presbyterian Church in Huntersville, NC.  The plan is to open the memorial and donate it to the church on at an event on 30 January 2016 to commemorate the battle.  The event itself is free, and it the first year this commemoration will be a  National Event or the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution.

There is a GoFundMe page for raising money to build, deliver, and set up the monument:

If you would like to donate it would be greatly appreciated, as would any exposure/spreading the word on social media.

In addition, if anyone is interested in tracing you lineage to a Patriot ancestor and would be interested in joining the Sons of the American Revolution (, I just went through the process in 2015 and would be more than happy to help get you started.


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