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Project Appleseed Quarterly Newsletter - Stage 1
January - March 2020

Quote of the Month
"Our unalterable resolution should be to be free."
- Samuel Adams
Letter to James Warren, April 16, 1776

The End of Appleseed in Virginia? A Call to Action! - By The AOC

Are those hoof beats I hear?  To protect their liberty, 14,000 patriots responded 244 years ago in 24 hours to the urgent need to take up arms against the King of England and his army. Riders on horseback carried the message (cell reception was terrible!). 

Patriots, can we rally 14,000 (or more) peaceful citizens using modern communications before January 20 to protect our liberty?  Will you spread the word and come out?
Click HERE to read more.

CMP M1 Garand Build Class for 2020! Open to Appleseed Shooters!

Have you ever thought about building your own M1 Garand?  The CMP offers a class for students to build their own heirloom-quality rifle under the watchful eyes of expert armorers.

We've partnered with the CMP for a private class just for Appleseeders on October 16-18, 2020.  The CMP's M1 Garand class is a coveted opportunity.  They usually have three applicants for every one seat available.  Some people have been waiting years to attend!

How can you get in the class?  Purchase a ticket to a Project Appleseed 25m event and attend during 2020.  Send your name and shoot info to  Once a month, we will do a drawing for names of people who wish to attend!  We will announce the (first) names drawn on our forum and contact you by email if you are selected with info about registering and tuition costs.
Click HERE to read more.

Cross-eye Dominance - By Round-Dispenser

I have a question that will relate to about 1/3 of us. In general, your dominant hand matches your dominant eye. In my case, I have right-eye dominance but I'm left-handed. I was wondering if this would affect my sight alignment and sight picture. I was curious about different methods to overcome this…
Click HERE to read more.

Known Distance Event

A "Known-Distance" event is a weekend-long program that teaches the secrets of shooting out to at least 400 yards, including target detection and ranging; measuring and compensating for wind; scopes and reticles; MOAs and mils, boxing your sights, battle-sight zero and come-ups, and much more.
Since this material requires previous exposure to the skills taught at an Appleseed, only students who have been to at least one Appleseed can attend a KD event. Experienced shooters will find that shooting successfully at "Rifleman distances" is a major confidence builder and an opportunity not to be missed!

Instructor Boot Camp

An Instructor Boot Camp is an intense weekend of interactive classwork, where all instructors will get plenty of hands-on instruction and mentoring, while building friendships and camaraderie.   You shouldn't have any fear/trepidation about attending.  Bring the skills you have and be ready to learn.  You will learn a lot and have fun.  You will learn more about "how" to instruct during a weekend IBC than you can learn working a summer-full of Appleseed events.

Anyone who wears a Project Appleseed hat is invited to attend.  Anyone who might be interested in wearing one of those funny-looking hats is welcome to attend, but please send a message to before signing up.

Appleseed Store

New items in the Appleseed Store! Check out the small belt pouches embroidered with the Appleseed logo, perfect for an always-ready range first aid kit. And, everyone should have the newest item - the Appleseed flag - proudly flying at an Appleseed range or from the flagpole in your front yard. More new items to come in 2020.

Donate to Project Appleseed at No Cost Using Amazon Smile

Help keep Appleseed growing into the future!  Change your bookmark for shopping at Amazon now to  Use Amazon Smile ( and RWVA receives a small donation for each purchase you make. Just designate RWVA as your charity of choice, and shop as usual!  You get the same great prices and you don't need to be a member of Amazon Prime to participate.  Tell everyone you know and let's take advantage of this great program to help generate some funds for Appleseed! It's not a ton of money, but every little bit helps! A very simple way to help the program...   

About the Newsletter

You don't have to be an Appleseed instructor or a member of the volunteer corps to write for the newsletter; it is open to all Appleseeders. If you have a story to tell about your Appleseed experience and want to share it across the Appleseed community, you can. We are looking especially for stories about how your Appleseed experience has helped improve your life. Perhaps you have applied your skills into other competitive shooting sports. Or you have been inspired to take action in the public affairs of your community. If you would like to write an article for the newsletter, just go to the forum at and send a PM about your idea to Roswell. You will need to register if you haven't already.

All contributions will be considered. Obviously, the newsletter is edited and not all submissions will necessarily be published.

Lastly, I want to extend a BIG thank you to you, the readers!


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