Author Topic: Hey Wisconsin, we have a few new Hat promotions to tell ya about!  (Read 513 times)

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Last Racine Appleseed was a sell out crowd.

While we made 9 new Riflemen and some new Orange Hats we also have some hard working guys that made RH and Shoot Boss.

Congrats to the Red Hats Flying Ferret and Kiwimonster for both making Red Hat that weekend! Both of them wound up doing the majority of instruction and performed excellently!

Also Congrats the BrightSparc for becoming a Shoot Boss! He was thrown to the wolves with a sell out crowd and a bunch on Young Marines and he showed he was pack leader!

Congrats you guys, and thank you for being on the Appleseed Trail!

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Re: Hey Wisconsin, we have a few new Hat promotions to tell ya about!
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 ^:)^ Whoo Hoo! Congratulations to BrightSparc and Flying Ferret. Now get prepared to work like sled dogs!  ~~:)

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   Think about that as you go to work the next Appleseed!

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Re: Hey Wisconsin, we have a few new Hat promotions to tell ya about!
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