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Toccoa, Georgia Sept. 5-6
« on: September 07, 2015, 10:58:36 AM »
Web were blessed last weekend with lovely weather (well, maybe just a BIT warm!) and 15 eager and very receptive students, nine of whom were first time Appleseed attendees. Special commendations to Vince, who shot a 216 on Sunday to earn his Rifleman patch. And to Mike E., who earned his Rifleman patch on Sunday also, on the last AQT shot, with a score of 210. Needless to say, Mike earned a "baptism" with water collected from the North Bridge. Yes, THAT North Bridge. Lindsay, I know you aren't going to allow Mike to be the only one wearing a Rifleman patch. You improved rapidly after you began to understand the reason why we teach the things we do. Also special commendations to our two young students Adam and Jeremiah. Your enthusiasm and persistence were remarkable. Steven, your mental toughness and determination were an inspiration. Lance, it was such a pleasure to see you again. Your standards are high, and once you attain the consistency you expect of yourself, I hope you will consider becoming an Appleseed instructor. Andrew, I hope you are not disappointed in your very near Rifleman scores. You have built a solid foundation of marksmanship skills that will yield abundant fruit, if you only persist, as I fully expect you will. Trevor, you came SO CLOSE to that 210 score. So close. And you maintained such a great attitude about everything, as did Theresa. And Theresa, you outshot Trevor on any number of targets. I expect fatigue and the heat took its toll, but like Trevor, you have such a wonderful, positive attitude. Travis, I am so happy you decided to attend with Chris and Megan. Your skills increased greatly, and I certainly hope we will see you again at Appleseed. Sean, somehow I expect you aren't going to allow Vince to be the only one wearing a Rifleman patch. You built a solid foundation of skills over the weekend and need only to hone, dry fire, and persist. Brad, you are "on the cusp" and need only a slight boost to get you up and over that 210 score. Mike V., it was such a pleasure to have you and I hope you enjoyed your first Appleseed as much as we enjoyed having you. And that it won't be your last. Mark, we missed you Sunday, but you put in enough effort Saturday to satisfy an entire weekend.

Although it was an honor and pleasure to have worked with you on the firing line all weekend, it was even more special to the instructors to be able to share the Story of April 19, 1775 and the heroic birth of our country. We hope we see you all back soon. Huzza, all!
"It is an indispensable duty, my brethren, which we owe to God and our country, to rouse up and bestir ourselves, and, being animated with a noble zeal for the sacred cause of liberty, to defend our lives and fortunes, even to the shedding of the last drop of blood....