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Vale, OR Mid-Range Marksmanship Clinic
« on: August 31, 2015, 01:11:10 PM »
Who:  Instructors, Riflemen
What:  Mid-range Marksmanship Clinic
Where:  Snake River Sportsman's Complex, Vale, OR.
When:  Sat.-Sun. 26-27 Sep., 2015
RSVP:  Rod Davis, Snake River Sportsmen,

Back by popular demand, the Snake River Sportsmen will be hosting a Mid-range Marksmanship Clinic at the 400+ acre outdoor shooting complex, located in Vale, Oregon.  This class will be similar to previous events, taught by instructors and High Masters, Don Curtis and Mike Ellway.  This is an advanced class that has been popular for northwest Appleseed instructors, riflemen, and more; and will have an emphasis on data collection and reading wind & mirage. 

This class will be taught by instructor Don Curtis, High Master. He shot for the USAR Service Rifle Team for his entire service career 20 + years and coached his team to at least 2 national championships shooting and coaching the Army's Precision Combat Rifle team (distances and positions the same as Appleseed 100 - 400 yards). He also shot and coached individuals and rifle teams shooting out to 1,000 yards. If you want to learn to shoot better than the other guy past 82' you might be interested in listening to what he has to say.

Fellow instructor Mike Ellway, also High Master with decades of experience, was a team member with Don and was coached by Don.  He is the kind of shooter than can tell you where the shot will be, if the wind call was correct, within a few inches at 1,000 yards.

From Rod Davis, SRS:
Just a local side note, When the US decided to deploy M-14's in the Middle East after 9/11 the local National Guard unit asked Don and Mike to train soldiers to accurately fire these weapons. Since the M-14s were the rifle's being issued at the time Don and Mike enlisted, they were also being used in Military competitions. Don and Mike put on quite a demonstration of the M-14's full capabilities. And no, I don't mean full auto, what I do mean is accurate rapid fire, 28 hits at 400 yards in 50 seconds. I know they saved some lives.

The cost per shooter will be $25.00 per day and will include the Army's Precision Combat Rifle Data Book. A very useful item.

The round count will be 200 plus any sighters shot Friday night.

Lake City Arsenal M2 Ball (30.06) will be available at $0.50 per round only in the amounts being fired for the class.

Snakeriver Sportsmen has 4 or 5 M1 Garand's to loan for the class on a first come basis. Also if you happen to have a AR-15 rifle with poorly adusting sights and decide you would like borrow one the club has 6 or 7 available for the class. All rifles have iron sights etc., again on a first come basis let me know.

Spotting Scope or Binoculars: If you have them bring them. If you can see the mirage with your particular equipment they will work. If you can't in the future you might consider optic's that would actually be useful. However don't worry because various members of the club have offered the use of their personal equipment so there should be plenty of high quality optic's available.


Friday afternoon until dark: sighters from 100 yards to at least 400 yards, further if time and ammo permits. The time will be determined once we have a firm idea as to how many can make it. Cost $5.00 + ammo. This is a first opportunity to collect data about your rifle and your ammo.

Saturday: 0830-1700
0830 - 0900  Sign-up, intros, and Safety Briefing
0900 - 1030  Class room (outdoor) wind and mirage with a couple of other important items
1030 - 1130  100 yard sighters and instruction, another opportunity to collect data
1130 - 1200  Lunch Bring food and water it's 2 miles to town
1200 - 1300  200 yard sighters and instruction again data collection and instruction
1300 - 1400  300 yard sighters and instruction more data, first real look at mirage more data
1400 - 1500  400 yard sighters more data, the mirage starts to get interesting.
1500 - 1700  Participants will call wind corrections to a High Master shooter, the purpose is for the class to see accurate results of wind and mirage calls. If you have never had the opportunity to do this let me suggest that this exercise will take two years off your learning curve of accurately reading wind and mirage and understanding how being able to read the mirage eliminates wind value corrections. (if you don't know what a wind value correction is, don't worry you'll find out.)

Sunday 0830 - 1700
0830 - 1700  3 rounds of the Army's version of the AQT. You'll like it. 50 rounds per, 150 total.

Forum thread from prior event:

Previous event newsletter writeup:

Camping on the range is ok, but there are no hookups or running water.

RSVP to Rod Davis.  See contact info at the top.
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