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AAFG Annapolis, MD March 28 - 29
« on: March 29, 2015, 06:51:22 PM »
Annapolis, Maryland, 7 Boy Scouts persevered through the cold and windy temperatures (occasional snow flurry) for a two day event.  Many of the Scouts were handling and shooting a rifle for the first time.  HUZZAH! The cold and wind did not deter a total of 14 dedicated shooters from coming out to learn about Marksmanship and American History. 

Although Saturday started slowly with sorting out equipment, providing 1 on 1 overview of the rifle, additional safety reviews and rifle fitting we steadily made progress to complete the course of instruction for the first day.  Vjornaxx enthusiastically delivered the First and Second Strikes of the Match.   The Scouts were attentive, engaged and eager to learn.   Saturday we saw much improvement from all shooters and in particular the first time shooters.  The day was safe and in closing out the day we had some very tired Boy Scouts who were ready to hit the tent for the night. 

Sunday, we continued to see improvement across the board from all shooters under vastly warmer temperatures.  Ed M. achieved Rifleman (210) and Cleaned the Red Coats.  HUZZAH!  WhyWon delivered the Third Strike.   The Scouts delivered Dangerous Old Men by using the Appleseed Deck of Cards and reading the short stories followed by history on 5 Revolutionary era flags including the John Paul Jones Serapis Flag.

To all the students thank you for a great event!  I hope to see you at another Appleseed event soon and bring a friend, co-worker or family member.  Remember to "Like" us on Facebook - Project Appleseed Maryland.

Maryland Instructor Team, you guys are awesome.  Thank you BeSwift, Flint Locke, MVF1776, Vjornaxx, ABCGarand, WhyWon, The Topher and Ice Sage for your support.

Congratulations to our two new Red Hats Vjornaxx and WhyWon!   O0

HUZZAH to Christina C. and Larry G. for stepping up and taking a Blue Hat!   :bow:

Please checkout Project Appleseed Maryland Facebook page for pictures.
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Re: AAFG Annapolis, MD March 28 - 29
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Sounds like an awesome shoot!  Like your idea of the playing cards and DOM, and the FLAG history!