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Buckeye AZ March 28/29 2015 AAR
« on: April 06, 2015, 08:41:06 PM »
The last weekend of March was a warm Spring day in Arizona (highs of 95) that found 22 fine Americans off their couches, putting on the sunscreen, and on the firing line learning to be better marksmen and about their heritage.  This two-day event kicked off Central Arizona's 2015 Project Appleseed season in high fashion with noticeable marksmanship improvements by all.  This was the most age-diverse lineup with shooters ranging from 10 years old up to 71, and everyone did all the transitions!!!

We were particularly blessed with a visit from a Senior Instructor from Alaska who spent several hours after each day coaching the regular instructors/shoot bosses.  One might say the instructors learned as much about instructing as the shooters learned about shooting.

We welcome new Shoot Boss George T. who qualified just in time to handle his own shoot for April 19th!

The only downside is that we had no new riflemen.  Lots of improvement was noted, with several scores over 190, but none over 210.

Finally, to all the students who participated this weekend.  Thank you for coming out to play in the sun with us.  You're a fine group of Americans who show the same kind of spirit demonstrated by our forefathers.  Continue working on your Marksmanship skills.  I look forward to seeing you again down the trail.

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