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North Carolina Rifleman please sign in

Started by Pain Killer, December 18, 2014, 03:22:23 PM

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Sevierville Tenneesse, Wears Valley Ranch,  217 & 225; This was my fourth Appleseed.
1st Appleseed, Charlotte, NC
Rifleman Severville, TN  November 2019
IBC       Canton 3-22.
IIT-1      Ellijay, GA   May 16, 2022
IIT-2      Martin, GA   May 29,  2022
Pistoleer™  Martin, GA  May 27, 2022


Rifleman - 18 October 2020
Orange Hat - 18 October 2020
Known Distance Rifleman - 22 November 2020
Pistoleer™ - 12 June 2021

Captain Amos Horton, Jr. - Kershaw Regiment / Camden District Regiment - South Carolina
Richard Hannah, Sr., James Eaddy, and Samuel Eaddy - "Marion's Men" - South Carolina
James McDaniel - 2nd South Carolina Regiment
Joseph Stonecipher - Wilkes County Militia - North Carolina
Reuben Ard - Washington District Militia - North Carolina
Phillip Hildebrand - 4th Company, 4th Pennsylvania Battalion
Robert Henderson, Sr. - 1st Company, 2nd Pennsylvania Battalion
Shadrick Jones - 3rd New York Regiment
Francis Coley - Charles City Militia / Second Virginia Brigade

Jakob Barthel - Grenadier Regiment von Rall


17-18 Oct. 2020.
Ramseur, NC

Shot a 219, 4th or 5th Appleseed I believe.


Tar Heel

May 30, 2020 at Sevierville, TN. My fourth Appleseed, CokeGuy was shoot boss.

Scored 218 with a take-down Ruger 10/22 shooting lefty.

One month later scored the same with a proper left-handed bolt-action Savage B22.


score of 210 at the Macon, GA shoot on 7-8 April 2018            10/22   Brian Fulwood my my shoot boss


August 26th 2017    211 /  March 19th 2019  243 and a bunch of requals in between


Rifleman Dec 15th 2018  217  Ramseur  Shoot Boss: Henry Foxall  R.I.P.
KD   May 25th 2019  41 hit count don't recall actual score. Ramseur  Shoot Boss: Polonius
Pistoleer™ March 19th 2023  211  Palm Bay, FL  Shoot Boss: TheMenace
Simon Says...Don't Miss or you'll get Maggies Drawers


October 11, 2021 at KD, hit count 43 with "modern sporting rifle" platform in .223
Fall of 2022 Morgans Crew at a field shoot with "modern sporting rifle" platform in 7.62x51.


Ramseur 9-23-23 2nd appleseed

I hit rifleman in the rain with a 226. My highest score was 233 the next day.


Ramseur 10/15/23 shot 229 with a Ruger 10/22T.

Valcour ‘76

Not a NC Rifleman, but a Ramsuer Pistoleer™. 228 (I think) Glock 19.


Winterseed Rifleman 2012
Re-qualify 229, 2/19/23
SBIT 2 10/8/23
Morgan's Rifleman 12/11/23
KD Redcoat, Cleared 3/24/24
KD Distinguished, 49/50
CMP Distinguished Rifleman, Camp Perry - 2022


Oct. 14-15 2023 at Ramseur, I am not sure of my score...