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Bunnell, FL Oct. 4-5, 2014
« on: October 06, 2014, 04:11:22 PM »
It was a small but enthusiastic group of patriots who gathered under cloudy skies on Saturday morning to celebrate a special freedom enjoyed by Americans, the freedom to own and use firearms. All but two of our shooters were previous Appleseed attendees and it was good to see familiar faces returning. The location was Flagler Gun Club near Bunnell and our hearty seven shooters were there to improve their marksmanship and expand their knowledge of American history. Range conditions were soggy at best after many days of rain but we were able to set up the firing line under cover on dry concrete by making some modifications to the target line and limiting this particular shoot to rim fire rifles only. The walk to the target line was another story though and rubber boots were the fashion of the weekend. The day got under way with the usual introductions, safety briefing, and other housekeeping choirs and then it was off to the races. The initial Redcoat target showed that, despite previous attendance at Appleseed events, there was much improvement that could be made. The use of the sling was explained and demonstrated and students were instructed on how to achieve a stable prone position. The vital Six Steps was explained for the first time and Natural Point of Aim was introduced. In a remarkably short time, initial shotgun patterns became groups and then inches-minutes-clicks was taught so that sight adjustments could be made to bring the groups onto the aiming point. Somewhere during the fire hose of instruction was a lunch break where we returned to 1775 with the First Strike of the Match as told by 9mm4545. During the afternoon the pace continued with instruction in Rifleman's Cadence, transitions, reloads, and the positions other than prone. During an afternoon break, Prof. C.J. took us down Battle Road as the Redcoats made the march from Lexington to Concord and encountered some Yankee marksmanship at the North Bridge. Later, Rambo Granny told "the rest of the story", finishing up with the Third Strike of the Match as the Regulars found themselves making a difficult and dangerous return journey to Boston after a failed attempt to confiscate the colonists powder and shot. Finally, toward the end of the day, the fabled AQT was shot for the first time. While there were no new Riflemen, Joel showed that he still had the right stuff and re-qualified in fine order. The final Redcoat showed much improvement across the board and the instructors felt they had been well paid.

For the first time in months, the morning on Sunday was cool, clear, and sunny. It was a glorious fall day and conditions were perfect. The muddy walk to the targets was still muddy but the clear skies and light breeze made for great shooting conditions. With no new shooters, all that was needed was a quick review of the fundamentals and then rounds started to go downrange. By the end of the day, Fabian was knocking on the door with a high score of 194, while Dix and Joel easily re-qualified on the AQT. Most gratifying to me was the progress made by Becky, a neophyte who was not at all comfortable around firearms, but who left with a smile and vastly improved shooting skills. Our young patriots, Ray, Tyler, and Summer, were a delight and will in time, develop into great shooters--and responsible citizens of our great Republic. Many thanks to TomM1Thumb, Prof. C.J., Rambo Granny, and FLawyer for the excellent help that made this a very successful shoot. To everybody: remember that dry fire is your friend. Practice by the numbers (the Six Steps) as you make the uncomfortable positions more tolerable and you refine your ability to find and shift your NPOA. I look forward to seeing everyone again soon.
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Re: Bunnell, FL Oct. 4-5, 2014
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A Beautiful weekend in Florida, a cool break from the heat of Summer. But Rubber Boots were Needed both days.

A few Pictures a little late But here they are.
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