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Hey neighbors,

Started by The Wolfhound, July 20, 2014, 08:54:36 AM

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The Wolfhound

We are developing a range opportunity on the Eastern Shore.  We are settling on October 4-5 for an Appleseed.  Anybody up for helping RSO an event THIS weekend (July 26-27)? It will be a small shooting line 8-10 shooters rotating on a 30-45 minute basis.  Some of y'all are closer than most of us.
PM the Wolfhound for details if you can help.  Both Maryland and Virginia will benefit from this range.


I wanted to jump in and reply since BeSwift is at Camp Perry for the CMP games. First, kudos on developing a new range and I look forward to seeing how the October date develops.

In regard to this coming weekend (July 26-27), I will defer to the individuals instructors to step up. However, it looks like this is going to be a tough weekend for MD to help. BeSwift's promotional efforts have worked wonders and this weekend is the first time we are doing two shoots on the same weekend here in MD. In fact, one of those shoots is still a bit short staffed.
FF Jim
Dundalk, MD

The Wolfhound

Understood.  The invite is still open.

The Wolfhound

It is a private range facility better than many clubs.  It is near Onley, Va. and JL and I impressed them with our professionalism and safety.  The papers are being drafted now. Keep your calendars clear for Oct 4-5.  More info to come, stay tuned.