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Shoot Boss Boot Camp formal announcement
« on: June 27, 2014, 11:48:21 AM »
his is to announce that the Shoot Boss Boot Camp that has been under discussion for some time, has been formally scheduled for the weekend of Aug. 16-17 at the Georgia Mountain Shooting Assoc. clubhouse in Toccoa, Georgia. This will be a non-shooting event and will take place indoors, so we can take advantage of the hot Georgia summertime in cool comfort while we get some Appleseed training under our belts. It is designed for those planning to become Shoot Bosses, those considering it, and those who wish to know more about how Appleseed gets certain things done. It is for hats of all colors, in other words. We will especially try to simplify the job of Shoot Boss and to remove some of the mystique. What is done before, during, and after an event? How are venues recruited and placed on the Appleseed schedule? How to build morale and recruit new instructors? And so on.

Sunday afternoon we plan to have a discussion on the topic of Liberty. It has a place of honor reserved in the Appleseed logo, prominently displayed above the head of Capt. Isaac Davis. What is it, how can we promote it most effectively, why is there resistance against it, and so on. We anticipate a lively discussion and encourage discussion and participation by everyone.

As usual for instructor-only Appleseed events, there will be the chance to see and enjoy the company of our Appleseed family outside the stress and pressure of a regular Appleseed weekend. And we will in all certainty enjoy some meals together. Please mark your calendars and plan to come. Registration is through me, and you may of so either by sending me a PM or by calling me at 912 223-5808. I eagerly anticipate seeing as many of my Appleseed brothers and sisters as possible. Please make plans to attend.
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