Author Topic: No excuses- .22 Long Rifle ammo for youth at Kentucky clinics  (Read 879 times)

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"I can't find any/enough .22 ammo!" is no longer an excuse for not attending a Project Appleseed event in Kentucky. Through the generosity of Federal Ammunition, until further notice, we will have 50 round boxes of CCI Blazer .22 Long Rifle ammo for sale for all youth (under 18) who do not have any or enough ammo for our Kentucky events. The cost will be $1.62 per 50 round box, and you will need either exact change or a check at the event. Approximately 4 or 5 boxes should be all that is needed per day. This offer may not apply to the Boaz shoot, so please check with the Shoot Boss for the Boaz event for details.