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.22 ammo available for youth shooters


Thanks to a grant from CCI ammunition manufacturer, the Montana branch of Appleseed now has 15,000 rounds of .22lr ammo available to be sold to youth under 18 shooters attending an Appleseed shoot.  Per the conditions of the grant, the ammo must be for youth under 18 only, and can be sold for cost only (about $15.63 per box of 500), with no mark up or profit on our part.

Hopefully this will help alleviate some of the stress with finding enough ammo to attend a shoot, and help attract more shooters to the line.

For more information about the availability of this ammo, send a PM to the state coordinator, lumberjack55 (me).


Excellent news!!!

I'll spread the word in Missoula. Maybe we can get some youth shooters at this saturday's April 19th shoot...

George Hacker:
Huzzah! I'll post something on Facebook as well.

That is fantastic!  How did you go about getting this deal?  do you think we could get a similar deal in other states?

I was alerted to it by Shadowman, I know several other states also applied, I presume they are meeting success as well.  This year's deadline for application has passed, back in March.


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