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Volunteers Needed Raahauges Sport Fair May 31/Jun 1 2014
« on: March 10, 2014, 01:18:01 AM »
Just to reiterate Bob's point, this isn't just a promote the Corona shoot at Raahauge's event.

OK folks, this is a big event and a great way to promote Appleseed. he event s we did in the past were not to tough because we split the work among several Volunteers. What is important is that it is  organized. Post here is you re available and which day. Who is willing to step up?

This event has about 10,000 people pass through over the weekend. All the manufacturers and dealers/distributors have hands on ranges to try out guns etc, pistols, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, etc etc.

The $325 gets you a tent in an aisle of tents where people pass through from the parking lot entrance to get to the hands on guns and to get back to their  cars. We did that one year with Jamie from Top Shot hanging out with me and Mr Pete and Bob, LayloPro, etc.

I'll be down there this weekend doing the Corona shoot and I'll talk to them to see if we can get some deal on the already  reduced "non-profit" $325.

The other alternative is to try and share with someone else to hand out flyers, talk about the program etc.

The final alternative is to see if we can get a free place on the parking lot side of the fence near the entrance if we throw up our own pop-ups/shade/banners/flags/table/chairs etc.

I will be out of the area on the weekend of 29/30/1st so I can't promise to be there but I'm doing what I can to try and help set it up for those who want to help out. This should be used to not only promote the Corona shoots but all the other SoCal ranges and the program in general. We have a conex at this range, I can help to get it stocked with the necessary flyers/handouts/banners/ etc and get someone the key, etc., but I need someone to run boots on the ground to make sure it gets setup/torn down and manned over the weekend.

Contact me Phil "V",, 805.558.1826

Here is a link to the Raahauges Website about the 2014 Sports Fair.

Basically, they have a hands on event where people can try guns and people have booths to promote business etc.

We did this one year.

The dates will be Friday 30th May to set up, then Sat 31st and Sun Jun 1 to exhibit.

I've also uploaded the "contract" information pdf she sent me.

So anyone interested in helping set this up, man the booths, promote AS etc?