Author Topic: Instructors' Actual Distance Clinic, Graben River Farm, Georgia May 31-June 1  (Read 176 times)

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Graben River Farm, near Elberton, Georgia, will be the venue for an instructors-only KD Clinic to be held the weekend of May 31-June 1. We will begin with some classroom work Saturday morning and then move out to the range, where we can secure information about our rifles out to 600 yards. There will also be an opportunity to shoot the AQT at Actual Distance and perhaps do a few fun exercises as well, but the emphasis will be not only acquiring skill for ourselves, but learning how to teach that skill to others. If you have not had the chance to shoot much at Actual Distance, now is your chance. We strongly encourage and welcome everyone who is in the Appleseed teaching ranks, whether they have shot a centerfire at distance before or not. It will also be a fine chance to enjoy each others' company and do something that we all enjoy so much.

Camping on site is available and is free of charge. There are a number of bunks available inside the farmhouse, including the use of the kitchen, for the small charge of $30 per person per night. Range fees for the event are $20 per shooter for the entire weekend.

Registration is through me, and you may do so either by phone (912 223-5808), PM through our forum, or by sending an email to:

Any questions, comments, or suggestions, give me a buzz. I look forward to seeing you all there and enjoying your company.

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