Author Topic: Congrats to Oklahoma's new Instructor and new Shoot Boss, and welcome to new IIT  (Read 1125 times)

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Though it wasn't a particularly large event, with 11 shooters on the line, the Nov. 9-10 Appleseed at Afton, OK certainly was a productive one for the Oklahoma instructor corps. 

In an impressive marathon performance, SKSmarksman earned his red hat by teaching nearly the entire event's instruction from cover to cover.

In taking his SB PC, TomCat kept the event moving, kept the instructors on task, tailored the COF and drills to the needs of the students, taught a nice KD lesson, and took care of all those administrative SLJ's that are the province of the Appleseed Shoot Boss.  In so doing, he earned his green hat.  We will be fortunate indeed if all of our future events are ran as smoothly and capably as Tom did this one. 

TomCat also had the privilege of awarding his old lady Carla (who I don't believe has a screen name just yet) her Rifleman's patch, which she earned with the healthy score of 224.  This was Carla's third Appleseed -- she was nipping at the heels of that patch at both of her previous events, so this was really no surprise.  As a trustworthy steward of our nation's heritage, she volunteered to take the Orange and join our merry little band of misfits.

Also worthy of mention is Surveyor1653, who took his IIT2 PC, yet taught everything necessary for IIT3 as well -- including the best first-time teaching of IMC that I have ever witnessed.  Also not really a surprise... he is an instructor for other shooting events, and his name is a bit of a hint as to his familiarity with angles and such.

As for your trusty State Coordinator, I had a lazy time of it with all these high level PCs getting done, and got to sit back a bit and enjoy the spectacle of Riflemen being made and heritage being passed on.

Oklahoma Appleseed is back on the move.  2014 is full of promise, thanks to the outstanding crew we have.  I count myself fortunate to know every one of you.

Congratulations SKSmarksman and TomCat, and welcome Carla.  See you all on the firing line soon!
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Well Done, congratulations to you all!

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Many deserved congratulations to SKSMarksman, TomCat, and Carla.  Man, what a big weekend.  A SB, A Red Hat, and a Rifleman. 

Thanks, Henschman, for the kind words.  I love what I'm doing and am proud to be a part of this program.  I'm even more proud to work with such a great group of peers who are so willing to help someone learn.  I HAVE turned an angle or two over the years!  O0

Congrats again, gang.

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HUZZAH!!! Congrats to all!!  Well done!!   O0
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Huzzah! Hope to visit OK next year and meet these fine folks!   ;D
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Well thank you all! Glad to be officially on board with a great group of instructors. I've learned a lot from these guys in the past year and 1/2, they truly know their stuff. I'm looking forward to what 2014 has in store for us in Oklahoma. A couple of new locations in our state are in the works right now. Hoping to get a couple events lined up for my home range in the Broken Arrow area. Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.
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