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2013 October 19 & 20 Piqua OH
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2013 October 19 & 20 Piqua OH

Shoot Boss - DGMilty
Instructor - Coyote217
Instructor In Training - Shep

A big THANK YOU to The Piqua Fish & Game for welcoming us again for another weekend of History and Marksmanship!!!

Wet on Saturday.  Cool, but sunny on Sunday.  Come heck or high water, we will persist! 

A great weekend with a couple new Riflemen ( Mrs. "Shep", Linda, a repeat Appleseeder, with a 228, and Zen with a 211. ) Congratulations!

Minor safety issues, chamber flags and safeties.  Little stuff but was caught immediately by the RSOs and corrected. 

It is ALWAYS rewarding to me to see the groups get smaller and smaller (step 4a: focus your eye on the front sight) as I work with new shooters, and to see the smiles and enthusiasm to stick it out for the  weekend!  It makes me feel that I did my job right, and the shooters did their job and came to Appleseed with a TEACHABLE attitude, listened to instructions and put in to use the new skills they have learned. was GREAT working with you.  I'm sure your mom & dad will be working with you a lot now, and I look forward to seeing you again real soon!  (Note to self...don't call Stage 4 the "MONEY ROUND!"  Shep and I had to "pay up" for Haley's hits! )

One young repeat shooter, Alaina (forum name yet to be determined) was really enlightened by the History presentations at the last shoot, and she expressed interest in taking on a Blue Hat.  So, needless to say, that Blue Hat was awarded and will be helping with the 7th Stepping to members of her extra-curricular activities as well as helping out with the shoots!

Again...take the information you have learned with you.  You are all instructors now.  Help spread the word.

See you down the trail!
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