Author Topic: Appleseed - Sep 28 & 29 - Pittsburg, KS - Fred Shootbossing - 8 miles from MO  (Read 397 times)

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Sep 28-29 at Bone Creek Gun Club

The range is literally 8 miles away from Missouri just off Hwy 69 in KS and about 45 miles northwest of Joplin. Kind of last second for you guys but figured I should cross post this since we're so close.

Bone Creek Gun Club is hosting a two day Appleseed rifle clinic on the final weekend of September.
You can find event info, a guide on preparing for Appleseeds and a link to online registration at the event information page.

Appleseed founder Fred will be our lead instructor! If you've ever read his columns in Shotgun News come on out and meet the legend.
Enjoy a fun filled weekend of top notch riflery and learn stories of Revolutionary War heroes you've never heard in school.

Register online today - Under 21 shoots for $20, Ladies $40 and Men $80 for two days of world class instruction. Less if just one day.
LEO's, all military and elected officials shoot free!
(registering in advance gets you a t-shirt and helps us bring enough gear)

Who can shoot - Anyone who can safely handle a rifle. Shooters as young as 5 and over 70 have taken part.
Kids and adults, moms & dads and youth organizations are welcome.

Scouts - This is not a scouting program but the skills you learn will make merit badge qualification a walk in the park.
This is a rare chance to learn rifle shooting skills far beyond the average shooter.

Military and Law Enforcement - This class is much more than the Basic Rifle Marksmanship taught to all service members and teaches skills closer to the Squad Designated Marksman. Deploying military units have been successfully trained by Appleseed as part of their pre-deployment rifle training. The course is well suited to a beginner but allows a skilled shooter to advance to a much higher level.

Shooting is done on miniature targets at 25 yards that represent shots of 100 - 400 yards.
Any kind of rifle is welcome but semi-autos with peep sights or scopes and removable magazines work best.

The short distance makes rimfires like Ruger's 10/22 an excellent training rifle. Centerfire rifles like the AR, M14, FAL, etc. are welcome if you can afford to feed them!
There may be a chance to shoot to 200 yards on the second day if you shoot centerfire.