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Started by posterboy, August 26, 2008, 11:27:54 AM

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Alright ...I know everyone is dying to know what happened in Ohio

well... we had a great appleseed !

An excellent crew made it all the way from Virginia so thanks goes out to Truculent Turtle, ACP junkie and of course our shoot boss VA Shooter ! And to our ohio crew Dinky Dao  and Slim !

We had good turnout saturday over 30 for sure. It was HOT and I mean HOT but everyone persisted thru it even if they had to take some time out and sit in the shade and cool off. We had a lot new shooters on the line who were given the appleseed info fire hose but even I was wishing for a real fire hose by the end of the day to cool off. 2 rifleman were forged in the ohio august sun that day !  everyone's groups improved with some knocking on the door for that patch. Funny how those 6 steps work huh ?

please go to this blog and read Breda's review of her day at appleseed...she almost got zapped by the sun too. Both her and her husband were "getting" it and if they had come back sunday who knows they might have gotten a patch too.

Sunday was mercifully cooler but still sunny most of the time. we had some sunday only folks come but I'd say we had 15- 20 people on the line. We shot alot....I mean loads full. AQT after AQT and they wanted more!!! We had a determined group on the line. The Buckeye state gave 2 more riflemen to cause.

When we have another at Appleseed at this location in the near future you have to come! this is an incredible range and I am proud to be a member. The facilities are fantastic and you'd be hard pressed to find an easier to get to and comfortable location for appleseed. Soon we will have a 500yrd range ..... so sundays will be extra special>

Thanks to everyone!



Thank you Sandusky Co Sportsman Club for hosting the Gibsonburg Appleseed Shoot.  It was my second Appleseed and again the RWVA crew put on a great event.  Thanks to the crew mentioned by Posterboy for running an excellent AS.

After the Athens AS I got a Ruger 10/22 and set it up for a LTR and practiced what I learned at the Appleseed.  Last Saturday I became a Rifleman with the Ruger 10/22 at the Gibsonburg AS.

Sunday's goal was to also shoot a Rifleman score with my DPMS LR-308AP4.  On the first target on Sunday, a Redcoat, I cleaned it.  Looked much better than the Redcoat I shot Saturday with the Ruger 10/22 so I expected to do well on the AQT.  But three times on the Quick and Dirty Ghost AQT for score I came up just short.  A little more practice with the 308.
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    Joe: Make sure you aren't handicapping yourself by worrying about your score while shooting.

    The Guy has a saying: "Stop thinking and start shooting!"

    He's right, of course. Focus on keeping the front sight on the target, and forget about how you did on the last stage, how you hope you'll do on this stage, etc.

     Stop thinking, and start shooting, and I guarantee you'll make the grade with your FAL...

     Soon, you'll be doing it in your sleep. ;D
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Fred, he's got an AR-10, not a FAL.
They have men amongst them who know very well what they are about, having been employed as Rangers against the Indians and Canadians and this country being much covered with wood, and hilly, is very advantageous for their method of fighting. . . . ".  Lord Percy

Sounds like New Englanders to me.


Want to say hi and was one of the ones on the line learning that day.  I just signed up on the forum to provide some ideas or anything else that comes to mind.

From an "outsiders" perspective...  I was there only one day on Saturday.  I got most of the material down but wasn't able to absorb all of it due to the water hose effect.  I wasn't quite rifleman, but with some analysis from I believe from Turtle, I could have made it.  The heat was a killer and I was one of the first to sucum to it, but managed to make the day after taking a small break.  AfterwardsI went out with the instructors to find out how dedicated these people are, got to take my hat off.  I am still mulling over some opinions and observations and will post later.


Hey Luxor,

We appreciate the comments.

RWVA works to make every Appleseed better than last. 

One of the toughest things is to get a good weeks worth of information into the few precious hours we have on a weekend.  But keep in mind, Appleseed is a different kind of shooting course.  While we like to see folks make the Rifleman grade, reality is that most do not, on the first go.  Like you said, lots of information.    Rather, the goal is to equip folks, to be able to do so on their own.  The hope is that folks leave on Sunday, with all the tools in their bag, they can take them home, learn how to apply them more efficiently and achieve the standard of Rifleman.

One of the best things we get, is insight from folks that are fresh of perspective.  So, we look forward to comments and ideas.  Even though we have conducted over 130 of these shoots total, we still come up with new and different ways to teach the fundamentals better, or how to work through different issues that individual shooters may have. 

Information from each shoot is shared with the entire Instructor corps here, and I can not agree more, they are a great group of dedicated people, they are the heart and soul of the program! 

The dips in your couch will go away if you get up and take the Seventh Step!


I got up early on Friday and drove up to Warrenton, VA to meet ACPjunkie and Truculent Turtle. After an excellent breakfast, thanks guys, we caravaned up to Gibsonburg, Ohio and got to the range in time to help build the target line. About the time it was getting dark we had it pretty well wrapped up. When I say we I mean: Truculent Turtle, ACPjunkie, Blindman and Posterboy doing the work while I helped by saying things like Yes, the wire in in the back of my truck. The post setter is behind the seat. The yellow rope for the firing line is in the back. That's OK guys, I can carry the Laser Rangefinder.

Saturday morning was a beautiful day, bright sun a few white puffy  clouds for effect and a great range to shoot on. The Sandusky County Sportsmans Club has a wonderful facility and we want to thank them for letting us use their range. We had 26 registered shooters on Saturday and 22 on Sunday. There were four who preregistered but did not show up so I hope it wasn't something serious that kept them away.

We had a good day of shooting and history on Saturday. The instructor group picked up two more, Slim came in from Cincinnati and Dinky Dao, the state coordinator arrived. In the afternoon it started getting hot and we took some hydration breaks and slowed the pace down. We had two shooters make Rifleman on Saturday and three more made Rifleman on Sunday. Dan Lapp and Randal Stroud both shot more than one Rifleman score and we had four or five more that broke two hundred. Sniper was shooting one score after another above two hundred and I'm sure he made Rifleman but someone had crossfired on his best target. He was shooting a 223 bolt action with no stripper clip feed rails which slowed him down a lot.

I was going to shut things down about five PM but even though some shooters had succumed to the heat others demanded that they shoot more. We ended up firing two more AQT's and then they wanted to shoot another redcoat to finish off the day. Redcoats don't get no respect in Ohio.

The club fixed us lunch both days with hot dogs on Saturday and hamburgers on Sunday. Thank you for your efforts. If anyone has the oppurtunity to attend a function at the Sandusky County Sportsmans Club Range, do not pass it up. This is a great range facility and all the members we met were very helpful and seemed to support the Appleseed mission.


Dinky Dao

Our third Appleseed for Ohio has finally come and gone, and MAN was it hot! The temperature outside was a little warm too.  :o


Saturday started off with 26 students, a red coat target and a History story by VAshooter as to what the red coat targets represented. Then the actual instruction got underway. We had more newbies this appleseed than experienced shooters, which translated to an additional round of sighter square targets as folks were learning how to adjust their scopes and open sights, along with extra dry firing drills as shooters learned transitioning stages and mag changes. Slim, Posterboy, ACPjunkie, his dad Truculent Turtle, and I worked with the students while VA called the line.

We had a few return appleseeders from the Athens and Canton shoots earlier this spring, and their targets were showing off their skill sets quite a bit. Arpjoe's targets were so beautiful, I started to feel a tear swell up. He had sent me an email prior to this weekend telling me about all the practice he had gotten in since spring, so I was expecting as much. With all the rounds in the black on the one inch squares with his 10/22, I couldn't have been more proud. Redman and his buddy were out as well, with the only M1 on the line (Oh lot's of new 10/22ers were looking around when that big guy went off, Metzger turned around and shouted, "So who's got the cannon??"...LOL!) Redman's targets were looking good right out of the gate, and I was anxious to see if that M1 was going to earn him a rifleman's patch.

With many folks still struggling with getting a solid position, ACP and Truculent Turtle gave a complete recap at lunch (in the shade of the picnic area, far away from the heat of the line  :)) of proper positions, steady hold factors, and the six steps. Then VA started in to the 'Three Strikes of the Match' while everyone enjoyed their lunch, cooked up by the local Knights of Columbus (thanks Frank! It was yummy in our tummies ;D ;D ;D. We appreciated it so much!).

After lunch, we gathered back out on the line, where it was 93 degrees, with almost 100 percent humidity thanks to Lake Erie, and virtually NO cloud cover. We proceeded to shoot an entire AQT with a dry fire round before each stage, followed by live fire. After a brief pointer lesson from Truculent Turtle and VA, we were off and running with an afternoon of AQT's (with a couple 5 minute ones snuck in here and there). I called the line for the afternoon, giving VA a break from his full morning of direct sunlight. My evil plan was to enjoy the afternoon line bossing under the shade of the fabulous "Ohio State" awning I had brought with me that morning, while all the other instructors baked in the sun, but those plans fell through pretty quickly once I realized my tent had been hi-jacked and was now occupied by shooters on the line (ALL of which continuously reminding me as I clam baked out in the sun HOW MUCH they APPRECIATED my bringing THEM an awning to!) But I was glad to see it put to good use as a few folks were able to get cover, especially Breda who had slowly inched her way under the awning as the day progressed (although I know she's pretty tough for a librarian, I could tell the heat was starting to over take her). Many 5-10 minute breaks had to be taken during the afternoon due to the high heat as shooters found the need to seek out shade, which gave VA the chance to get in a few more 'history stories'.  Many groups down range were starting to shrink, and we ended the day with a second red coat target, the forging of two new Riflemen, arpjoe and Dan, and a closing review under the shade of the shelter house in the picnic area. Much to my surprise and appreciation, I had several folks approach me wanting to lend a hand with State Coordinator duties, getting more shoots set up, and getting flyers out to their local shooting communities (when it comes to pitching in, I knew the Buckeye State would never let me down!). Many wanted to know what it would take to get a Mini Appleseed going, and I even had folks ask how quickly I could get another Appleseed set up for Gibsonburg at the range we were currently using. These guys were talking not months, but weeks! Sheeesh! LOL! (It really was a beautiful facility, and I gotta tell ya, I lost count how many times I heard shooters say, "I'm really glad the Sandusky County Sportsmans Club let us use this range! This is great!"  8)) I left the range with a lot of homework and a BIG smile on my face, as I headed off to Ryan's Steakhouse to sit down with my fellow instructors and new appleseed friends to enjoy a nice dinner and great conversation!

Sunday started with 19 shooters (nine from the day before were Saturday shooters only), another red coat target and a brief review of positions and the six steps. The day was hot and humid, but only in the high 80's (love how I say ONLY?? :o). There were 4 additional folks who joined us as Sunday only shooters, all familiar faces to me, as three were former appleseeders from Athens, and one was an OFCC'er I met a few weeks before at the Picnic in the Park annual meeting for the Ohioans for Concealed Carry group. After a quick jaunt down range to check everyone's targets, I knew this was going to be an interesting day. Several folks had cleared the red coats, one being arpjoe, who told me the day before not to get too proud just yet of his targets until he sees what he can with his .308 on day two...well Joe...there ya go. ;D :P 8) Down came the red coats and up went sighter squares. One of the Sunday only shooters, dclaarir, cleaned the one inch squares with his Ruger 77 bolt action, and I mean ALL OF THEM. I was impressed, but I told him he needed to move fast if he was going to do the same on a timed AQT. And you better believe I couldn't wait to see how he'd do ;). Javelin Man was pretty fierce on the squares as well with his Marlin, but later it was his daughter who shined on stage one of the AQT. Talk about perfect form in the standing position. Puff-TMD was another ringer for the squares. He could have been a model for a shooting brochure. I desperately tried to find flaws in his positions and technique, but none were to be found. At one point I even rolled his hat to the side to get a better look at his eyes, trying to catch even the slightest blink...nothing. This guy was rock solid and it translated down range.

For lunch we had hamburgers waiting on the group, but no rest for the weary as several folks wanted to shoot through lunch. Thanks Truculent Turtle for giving up your lunch to run the line and keep it hot for those wanting that extra window of practice (but again, that's the kind of dedication you can expect from a Marine. ;D) The afternoon followed with an NPOA drill and then AQT after AQT. We had so many folks shooting in the two hundreds, right on the verge of rifleman. Finally we had our first Rifleman for the day. Puff-TMD shot a 227, with a 98 out of 100 possible on stage four slow prone. (You heard that right...two points shy of perfect with his two tightly grouped shots in the second silhouette being 1/8th inch away from being fives!!!)  He was soon followed by his buddy Randal (the 'other' George) who shot a 213. Between the heat and their exhaustion, I thought these guys would give up by 4:30, but not these Appleseeders! They wanted to keep shooting. Redman walked away with a 209 for the day (ouch, I know that had to hurt...).

After one last red coat, and a quick huddle, we broke for the day. As I recall, it was after 6:00 pm. As we were cleaning up, the folks who remained gathered around as Slim as he talked about Samuel Whittamore and Hezekiah Wyman (I believe the only two stories not told by VA). I was proud. There guys were free to go but they wanted to hear more. It was great.

All in all it was a wonderful shoot. We had some of the best shooters I've seen at an appleseed, to date. But of course, what did ya expect from a bunch of Buckeyes! (Well... there was THAT one guy from that M state up north who was in attendance, but I decided not to hold it against you since you were an Appleseeder...)


Looking forward to seeing everyone in Canton in October! (And maybe in Gibsonburg and Dayton too, if I get on it! Time to start on my homework!)


State Coordinator for Ohio
RWVA Instructor.

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What a great Appleseed to show what persistence can do.  That heat Saturday was a killer and only the intermittent clouds made Sunday any more bearable.  Most folks stuck it out and wanted more.  I was impressed at how the instructors kept up the instructing in that heat, and they did it with good cheer.

For any future Appleseeders reading this, don't be afraid to take a break when you need to.  Nobody will fault you for getting out of the sun or in from the cold.  On Saturday, I didn't take a break and suffered for it.  On Sunday, just when I was roasting, I sat out a relay in the shade and was able to come back fully recharged to do my best.  It paid off, and I have the patch to prove it.   ;)

Another item for future Appleseeders, do not be afraid to try new equipment if somebody offers it.  Usually, kind folks offer to loan said equipment because they see that you are struggling with what you have.  Often this offer of loaner equipment comes from an instructor or previous Appleseed attendee, and they are using the intuition that comes from their hard won experience - and that intuition is telling them that the different equipment will probably fit you better and allow you to concentrate on learning.

Thank You all Appleseed instructors at Gibsonburg!

... and not to forget, Thank You Sandusky Sportmen's Club!

Good Luck and Good Shooting!
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Much oblige to the Sandusky Co. Sportsman's Club for letting us use their range, and the local Knights of Columbus for those delicious hot dogs and hamburgers!

Saturday was very hot, especially if you were laying in the bright sunlight! I had to take a few breaks, but still ended up drained and unable to grasp that elusive Rifleman's patch, though I was getting closer. The hand towels that were provided to us were really helpful in keeping our rifles cool and brows dry, thanks guys!

On Sunday I took more breaks in the shade, skipping a few AQTs but managing a Rifleman's score of 214 before lunch! Of course, I wanted to shoot it again just to verify as I was a little doubtful that my skills were finally up to par. After a good hearty lunch we went back out and shot the AQT again and I managed a 220!

I'd like to get at least in the 240's later on, after much more practice and then later with centerfire(gotta set goals ;) ).

Guess I have to get a shooting jacket and an M1A now to go with that patch...  ;D

Much thanks to Puff-TMD as well, as I wouldn't have made it without him!

Got some pictures to post up, and a little video if I can figure out how to get it to play.
-The Muddogg

Dinky Dao

Hey Muddog, aren't you the 'other George' that was on the line next to Puff-TMD? If so, then I gotta edit my previous post where I stated you shot a 213. :o that you mention's all coming back to me now... I'm starting to remember that 220...


Love the pics you posted. In the first one I was kneeling down by Christy trying to observe her prone form. I was having a hard time doing so, though, since she was flinching all over the place from being smacked by Javelin Man's brass. ;D Thus the handy dandy brass repeller I was using, otherwise known as the left chunk of Christy's shooting mat. ;) I don't even think she knew I was kneeling over her, she was so concentrated on her targets! On down the line from me was ACP who was calling the line, and the two standing at the end were posterboy, and slim. Va was under the awning giving some special instruction to Metzger and Frank 8). Truculent Turtle (or as one appleseeder put it, "the kind Marine") was down on the ground helping a student, and thus you can barely see his red shirt.  :P

The second pic was even better because you can really get a good feel for the cool cowboy town buildings that were set up all down along the line. Those structures were neat to look at...and even sit in!  ::) (Yeah...I'm glad you don't have a picture of!)


No trees were killed in the sending of this message. However, a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.

"These blast points...too accurate for sandpeople. Only imperial stormtroopers are so precise."

" a dirty mistress."

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Thanks go to you too Muddogg.  As I recall, you took a shade break and made Rifleman an AQT or two before me.  That was two pieces of inspiration that I needed.

Muddogg and I will be looking for a good place to practice here in MI.  Anyone know of any good places in south eastern Michigan?  State-run, D.N.R. range is all built up with concrete benches and wooden baffles so you can basically use the bench or you are out of luck.

Attached is the only photo I remembered to take.  It was a quick snap Saturday afternoon as prep time had just started.
"Liberty means responsibility.   That is why most men dread it."  --   George Bernard Shaw


Sigh ...
I had like $ 15K worth of camera gear in my car but was TOO busy to use it ! and happily busy I might add...

puff I'm still shaking my noggin...98 on the slow prone....great job.

If you want to piss off al gore you're always welcome as my guest at the range...that 500 yrd will be open soon I'd love to throw some .308 down range with you anytime just let me know.



Sounds great posterboy.  Depending on range opportunities up here, may just be taking you up on that offer some time.  (Shoot me a PM when the range opens?) 

Thanks for all the help and encouragement.

puff I'm still shaking my noggin...98 on the slow prone....great job.

Actually, it seems like, doing a good job on the slow prone is more a result of not doing anything and just letting NPOA and the rifle do the work.  Can't really even see the target that is actually in the sights.  It's too small and blurry.  My thoughts went something like this:  there's the front sight in alignment, the target should be about here,  respiratory pause, trigger squeeze...
"Liberty means responsibility.   That is why most men dread it."  --   George Bernard Shaw


Relax, let the sling do the work. Adjust your NPOA and apply pressure straight to the rear on the trigger. I think I've heard that before.



PosterBoy, Slim, Dinky Dao, Turtle, Junkie, VA:  (Did I miss anybody?)

My thanks to you all for your devotion to this cause, and for the help and advice you offered this new guy last weekend! 
What a fine facility!  I wish we had as nice a facility here in SW OH! 

Thanks for the loan of your LTR!  Am ordering Tech-Sights this week.  Started dry-fire paractice, and will shoot in the back field this weekend, rain or shine.  Think I will also work on stretching exercises too, so I can get into the sitting position which 45 ACP Junkie so expertly demonstrated. 

Thanks to you all for giving me the basics which I needed.  After this experience, Fred's words in his GUIDE make more sense to me.  Now I am equipped to make my practice time productive.  I plan to get to another shoot (Knob Creek maybe?) before the snow flies.  Meantime, I'll practice the six steps, and try to RELAX.  (Didn't relax too much on the line.)

Oh, yeah, I am also working on Step 7 too. 

Thanks again all.

Tipp City
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Well Bill, I don't know if we're going to be able to get into exactly the same position ACP demo'd, he's got that golden gift that we lost years ago..... youth! Something about gravity in there too.... But, with practice and stretching, it does get easier and a lot more comfortable.

What a great event, all around. Couldn't have asked for a better location, as said above, SCSC is a wonderful facility and anyone who couldn't make it, you missed out! I'm already looking forward to the next Appleseed there. Posterboy, make sure you and Mike keep up the good work you did to get this one set up and let us know when they're ready to have us back. I'm pretty sure we'll have more than a few club members attend the next one. With any luck, this will become a semi-annual event location. (I even heard someone.... maybe a State Coordinator.... whispering, dreaming aloud?, about a boot camp there someday...)

I continue to be impressed with Appleseed as a program and the safe manner in which each event is conducted. The knowledge and professionalism of the all-volunteer instructor corps is astounding and their willingness to share what they know with even the newest of shooters is what really sets this program apart from the others. 4 MOA is the standard. We spray 'em down with the fire hose of knowledge and by the end of the day almost everyone on the line has reached that standard and most have exceeded it. That's a direct reflection of the great job the instructors have done. This event was no exception with VAshooter imparting over 40 years of shooting knowledge on us and Dinky Dao running the line like that Red Hat on her head just didn't feel right. (Should've been Green, right? Will be soon I suspect!) Truculent Turtle and ACP Junkie embodied the image of what Rifleman tradition in America has meant for hundreds of years - skills passing from father to son. And with the line being ran so effectively by a high school senior, there's proof positive that hope exists for our great nation. Posterboy told me this weekend that he's "not technically an IIT." I've got news for him, and I'm sure most of you would agree, yes you are! Break out that Orange Hat!

This was my first event as an IIT. I was planning on attending as a shooter but after some encouragement from the Shoot Boss I decided to throw on the Orange Hat and do what I could to spread the 'Seed. I was told by a Master Instructor a few weeks ago that instructing would teach me just as much as shooting. He was correct. I learned a ton this weekend and each AS event that I've been to, whether as a shooter or instructor, I've learned more. Working with other instructors and other shooters is what really gives an individual a chance to expand their own knowledge. Attend as many events as you can because each one will improve you in some way, both as a shooter and an instructor.

And folks, I read about Appleseed in SGN back in March, signed up for one in April, another in July, and then you saw me with the Orange Hat on in G'burg. That's five months from reading Fred's article to getting out on the line and improving Americans' marksmanship and telling the story of our Heritage. It's something that any of us, any one of us reading this or any one of us that was out on that line that day can do.

And it's finally something folks from Ohio and Michigan can do together!

A big Huzzah! to all the Instructors at this event. It was a pleasure working with each one of you and there's no doubt in my mind you will be running your own shoots some day. I hope to be blessed with working together again in the future.

And the shooters...... what a great bunch of Americans! It wasn't exactly "comfortable" out there on Saturday yet you persevered and stuck with it. A Rifleman does what? Hats off to all of you for simply showing up. Then, a big pat on the back for making the progress you did. Way too many individuals to mention but everyone I worked with was motivated and truly giving it their all. By Sunday afternoon, I almost felt sorry for those Red Coats. Almost.

So many people shooting well. There were numerous 200+ scores but the biggest achievements were made by those who took their scores from the 120s to the 170s on subsequent AQTs. To recognize your own mistakes, apply what you've learned and then make it all come together by shooting well at the end of the day, that's what it takes to become a Rifleman.

Take what you've learned, go home and practice, and then come back again and get that patch. The difference between a Dangerous Cook and Rifleman is practice. That's it. Dry firing down the hallway or at a spot on the wall a few times a week and the mental "follow through" that accompanies it will get you that patch.

And remember, you don't have to have the patch to be a "Rifleman." There's a lot of work to be done for this Project and whether you have a patch or not doesn't stop you from talking it up, passing out info, working here on the forum, and getting others involved. The Seventh Step is probably the most important of all. One Rifleman is great.... but a NATION of Riflemen is what we're after.

Lessons Learned -

No matter how much water you think you'll need.... DOUBLE IT!

Wear Sunblock and invest in a portable canopy if you don't have one already. If you do have one, bring it with you next time!

Get to know your gear BEFORE you go to the range. Practice mag changes, slinging up, etc. VAshooter has an excellent saying for this one, "don't waste time at the range doing stuff you could do at home." Range time is valuable. You can do 99% of AS stuff in your house. Shooting is probably the 1% that you can't do at home so make sure 99% of your range time is used for shooting. (The remaining 1% at the range should be used to HYDRATE!!!)

If you have an extra mag, keep it ready with three or four rounds in case you have a jam. There's no sense in fumbling with your mags trying to load a round you dropped and then time runs out before you shoot the five you have left in the stage. Turtle helped more than a few people improve their scores by driving home this point.

Relax, and don't "over-fuss" the shot. If you're in the black, squeeze that trigger. Breath, relax, and then do it again.

Go to another Appleseed!


Hi all ,
This is my first post.
I would like to thank the Range Officers at the Gibsonburg Appleseed shoot for there effective coaching. I would not have shot "Rifleman" without there help.

I shot expert while in the US Army, but that was over 21 years ago. I ordered "Fred's guide to becoming a Rifleman" studied it, and applied the "6 Steps to firing a shot", and it all came together.

I have'nt had this much fun shooting in a long time! I will definatly be back,and I will bring some other's with me.


Congratulations Dan!!! Great job, and welcome aboard. I am very proud of the work you put into getting this acheivement. It shows you have the six steps down pat. But I am sure that the instructors there told you that becoming a "Rifleman" has a "Seventh Step".

That one takes a little more time and is a bit more involved, but it is easy. Now you have to spread the word about shooting and about becoming a Rifleman. We need you to step up now and lend a hand with getting other people up off of their couches and getting on the line and on their path to Rifleman.

Sounds like you are working on that now by getting some friends to come with you next time. Nothing feels better than being in the company of Riflemen. Knowing that you can depend on the guy sitting across the table from you. Thanks for what you are doing and we hope to see you again at another Appleseed and on here, looking for work. ;) :D ;D ;D

"Who wants Ice Cream?" Fred

Sixty seconds is way too long for a minute, I am cutting it down to thirty seven seconds- SoM

"You can shout it, you can preach it, but no matter how many times you repeat it, NEVER believe your own bullSh*t." (as told to me by Grin Reaper)