Author Topic: Instructors' Actual Distance Clinic, Elbert County, Georgia Sept. 14-15  (Read 164 times)

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We are pleased to announce an instructor-only AD Clinic to be held at Graben River Farm in Elbert County, Georgia the weekend of Sept. 14-15. We have sent emails to all the instructors for whom we have normal email addresses, but we did not have email addresses for many of our Appleseed colleagues in neighboring Southeast states, even though they are warmly welcome and strongly encouraged to join us. We have been most fortunate in securing the use of a beautiful farm in Elbert County, Georgia, about 40 miles east of Athens and situated along the Georgia-South Carolina border. Of note, the venue has a 1,000-yard rifle range, a lovely farmhouse to which we have access and can use for accommodations, and is loaded with deer, wild turkeys, and hogs.

There is no cost for the clinic other than the nominal $20 per day range fee. If a person wishes to stay at the large farmhouse, the additional cost is $30 per person per day. I believe I share the experience of many Appleseed instructors in observing that the chance to shoot a full-size AQT at actual distance is not common. The chance to get good data on one's "go-to" centerfire rifle out to 1,000  yards is rare. Not only that, but more important, instructors who attend this clinic will learn the skills to teach the Actual Distance component during a normal Appleseed weekend event with skill and confidence.

I had apprehension before my first instructor-only KD Clinic that I may not be able to shoot as well as my esteemed fellow instructors. If that is of concern to anyone considering attending this clinic, forget it! The skills taught are done in the same way we teach any other Appleseed event, and I guarantee those who attend will come away shooting far better than they could have possibly imagined. Besides this, it will be a great opportunity for Appleseed instructors to get to know some of their brothers and sisters in neighboring states, and share fellowship with some of the finest people who walk the earth. Please make plans to attend if at all possible. Make a reservation to attend by calling me at the number listed below, or you may send me a PM. Hope to see you soon!

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