Author Topic: Ruger 10-22 Magazine failure to feed  (Read 2447 times)

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Ruger 10-22 Magazine failure to feed
« on: August 03, 2013, 07:11:21 PM »
Notice to shooters that use the Ruger 10-22. I have a bunch of 10 rounds mags and several have failed to feed (at Appleseeds which really irritate me) and have tried several different things to get them to feed properly. I would clean them (make sure they were residue from powder, grease, etc) and sometimes they would feed just fine and then the next fillup, after the 2nd or 3rd shot they would hang up again. So this afternoon I was shooting and I had three different mags fail to feed. I found instructions on the internet about how many flats (8) to set the spring tension correctly and sometimes they would still hang up. I got up to my loading/work bench and I think that I have figured out what is the cause of the problem. I noticed that the bullets always hang up at the bottom of the steel loading port (I loaded the faulty mags  and pushed the bullets out with a pencil to mimic the 10-22 bolt picking them up).
What I found is that the plastic portion of the mag at the junction (seam) of the metal loading port was not flush with the metal loading port bottom edge. So the head of the lead bullet would hang up on that metal lip and stop the feeding. I got a fine file (one with the edges rounded and no cutting surface on the sides) and filed the metal lip at the area where the bullet head rubs up against it (filed enough to make the metal lip set back just a hair from the plastic casing), reloaded the mags several times, pushed the bullets out with a pencil and no more failures to feed. I think what is happening is that the plastic gets worn down below the metal lip and then the fail to feed issue shows up. Be careful when you do the filing that you don't touch any other part of the metal loading port. I am now going to fix all of my 10-22 mags in this manner, even my new ones.