Author Topic: Inaugral Clinic at Johnson Creek, WI ( aka Milford Hills) June 8th - 9th 2013  (Read 536 times)

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Great to see all of you come out for the shoot this weekend, especially all the young shooters we had! Everyone - Across the board - improved  significantly! Everyone should be proud of themselves for their hard work! From 2 new Riflemen, 3 requalifys and several cleared Red  Coats, you all proved that you are men and women who know what they are all about!

Here are some weekend pics for you to share!

First the Saturday Group Pic!

Sunday Group Pics!

Our Young shooters with DrRichP , the Youth Whisperer.

Our new Riflemen, Nathan and Dave! A 210 for both! I got to do a Double Northbridge water!!

A Personal High Best of 237!

Action Shots from the weekend of people working hard.

Hard Working Youth!

Some past Riflemen working on requalifying.

Again, great weekend everyone and I was honored to work with all of you! Thank you again for coming out! Please come back and bring a friend!
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Thank you for the great time.  I really enjoyed the instruction and history lessons.  I look forward to seeing you guys again, possibly in July, for my second rifleman qualify and then possibly an orange hat.  Btw, I think I found the culprit to my jamming problems.  Thanks again.

Lockie (Dave)

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Thanks to all the shooters who came out to Milford Hills for our first event and who helped make this a great shoot !
Weather was great and the range facilities were excellent.  We had a nice mix of adults and kids and everyone had great attitudes towards learning and coaching from instructors.  Special shout out to new Rifleman Dave and Nathan and hats-off to Bradley, Nolan, Clint for Rifleman Requalifications.

Special recognition to Clint for requalifying with a personal high of 237 score.

Thanks to my comrade Dr Rich for working so well with the kids giving Janir and Beck the chance to work closely with the adults. 

I'm glad we were able to provide loaner rifles, slings/swivels, bottled water, and 50 RDS of ammo to participants to help them out.

Lastly, I was excited to have Nathan, Hunter, and Jason have the experience to shoot my special grade Garand.

Shooters...keep the faith, practice what you have learned, and bring a friend/relative to the next Appleseed event you sign up to attend.

Nathan, Hunter, Jason had the opportunity to experience shooting my Special Grade Garand.o
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Great weekend!  Does not get any better than this.  I so frequently have some kind of equipment problem and then my focus goes out the window, but not this time.  I was even able to loan my spare LTR to someone who was having equipment trouble.  Got to :--- shoot my new M-1 Garand thanks to Beck (Gunner) who probably saved my gun from me!  The red hats were AWSOME, Beck, Patrick and Rich thanks a lot.  YOu guys work well together and well with us too!   :---

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Well done everyone  O0 O0
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Wow! What can I say? This was another great opportunity to spend a couple beautiful days with a great group of shooters and work with what is arguably the best team of Instructors and Shoot Boss in Appleseed. :bow:  My pleasure entirely!

I'd like to thank my team, for the opportunity to again work with the young shooters.  I'd also like to thank Josie, Kody, Hunter, Ethan, Nolan, and Dylan (and their parents) for allowing me to work with them. We kids have to stick together!

Congratulations to all our Rifleman Dave, Nathan, Bradley, Nolan, and Clint. Thanks also to my friend Beck (Gunner) for bringing his M1 Garand, and allowing participants an opportunity to shoot a piece of history.

Thanks to all the shooters, and Milford Hills Hunt Club for making this a great weekend! The weather was beautiful and the facilities at Milford Hills Hunt Club were amazing.

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Another great Appleseed.  Big thanks to the instructors and Milford Hills.

The instructors did a great job.  The 3 of them seem to work well together.

Milford Hills is an excellent facility.  I look forward to shooting there again sometime.

Thanks Janir for letting me use your rifle.  I've shot Rifleman with both semi-auto and bolt-action, but that was my first with open sights.  Those tech sights work nice.

That was also my nephew Nolan's first time shooting Rifleman with open sights.

Dave (Lockie), was great talking and shooting with you.  Hope to see you at another shoot sometime.

Bradley  (MC2AF)