Author Topic: Kintyre, ND, May 31-June 1 AAR  (Read 348 times)

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Kintyre, ND, May 31-June 1 AAR
« on: June 02, 2013, 11:46:09 PM »
Our first Appleseed of the year went great here at the Bornemann farm, although the weather could have been a little nicer... This AS was a bit of an experiment, as we were trying out hosting on Friday-Saturday rather than the standard Saturday-Sunday. Our turnout was about average, with 14 shooters on the line.
 Friday morning started out on the cool side, and it drizzled on and off throughout the day. Squeezed in a lot of instruction and drills, and got off a couple AQT's before it was time to quit. There was certainly much progress, although it really didn't show on our redcoats, as it started pouring rain just as we started the last redcoat...
  After-action on Friday found most of the attendees in the Bornemann's shop, sharing a potluck dinner, playing a few games of Ping-Pong and pool, and just enjoying the fellowship.   ^:)^
  Saturday's weather was MUCH nicer, with a few clouds in the morning, most of which cleared off in the afternoon. We did have some wind to deal with though, which made the standing stage a bit more challenging...  Despite the wind we still had one new rifle-woman, and showed MUCH improvement on our final Redcoat.
 Pictures have been posted to the ND Project Appleseed FB page here:
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Re: Kintyre, ND, May 31-June 1 AAR
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2013, 04:03:24 PM »
I had a great time instructing with Mr. Fixit.  Redcoat targets started off with 7/100, 2/200, 2/300, 2/400, 2/square,  but by the end of the second day we had 11/100, 8/200, 5/300, 2/400, and 6/square.  Plenty of room on the line, though, so next time, bring your friends!
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