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The Beginnings of RWVA...
« on: April 28, 2013, 03:16:43 AM »

    April, 2004. Unforeseen circumstances resulted in what latter became known as the Home Range becoming vacant and available.

    An empty and unused 500-yard rifle range?

    No way!

    Fred had been in on the beginning of the range, working with others to select, plan, and build one of the finest private ranges in North Carolina.

     When the range suddenly became available, myself and two others laid the foundation for forming the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, a name which easily rolls off the lips, now, but back then was quite a mouthful.

     We began firing matches and military rifle field shoots that April. Much of that early history is lost, because we had no website, and no newsletter.

     The first website came in mid-2005 as a result of the development of "Project Appleseed", a plan to regenerate the concept and spirit of "the American Rifleman".

     That concept was announced in the pages of Shotgun News in (IIRC) April, 2005, and was intended to be a self-motivated, bootstrap approach wherein those who saw the need were encouraged to buy the 25m targets along with the Guide to Becoming a Rifleman, learn to shoot, then teach their friends, neighbors, family/relatives, co-workers, etc.

     Alas! While the concept was not a total non-starter, it did seem to be something that was NOT taking America by storm, so the idea was put forth to "take the mountain to the people" - to develop weekend Appleseed marksmanship clinics, and take them out there, to the rest of America.

     The first, for some obscure reason (prob serendipity), took place in July 2005 at an old National Guard training range from the 1920s in Worland WY, about as far from anywhere as you can get (seven hours from Denver, by vehicle!). Regardless, 30 people showed up, most from CA, OR, WA, etc on what was a HOT day (105 degrees) with a blast furnace, 25-40 knot wind.

     The second took place on a rented range in Mingus, TX in Oct, 2005. (I recently searched out and posted the original SGN report on this at

     With the confidence gained from these two events, an ambitious "Great Nationwide Appleseed Tour" was set up for 2006, with the first event being held on the Home Range in Feb to kick off the tour. (A little known fact: What could have been was an earlier Appleseed event scheduled in Jan in VA, which was cancelled by a snow storm!)

    More to come...
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