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San Jose, CA KD August 31, 2013
« on: September 02, 2013, 03:05:01 PM »
We had 13 determined Americans turn out for what was billed as an intense one-day KD (out to 200 yards) shoot at San Jose's "Metcalf" Field Sports Park.  6 were out for centerfire KD, 3 for rimfire KD out to 100 yards, and four to 'grind' on their 25m score.  And grind they did - we got in 4 KD AQTs in a short day - we had to be totally off the range by 4PM. 

No rifleman were made this day, but a lot of learning was happening on the KD lines as shooters worked out come-ups, adjusted sights, and made corrections.  We had several people knocking on the door - two 38 scores (of 50) on the centerfire KD line, and a 200 and a 198 on the 25meter line.  We're doing it again the last day of November, so you all come back and try it again!

At lunchtime, we also debuted our new history stories about 1776 and George Washington's New York and New Jersey campaigns.  1776 was no party, Declaration or not!  Look for these in an Appleseed newsletter coming soon!

Without further ado, here are some pics!  (Not as many as I'd like, but we were stretched a bit thin.)

25 meter setup (thanks for bringing your target line, KP!)

The KD setup crew at work - thanks to Albert (Han Solo) for handling this and KD line spotting and coaching.

Thanks to all for hustling the setup - we are underway at 0815!

Nero watching the fall of shot on initial sighters

Is the line clear on the left?

The KD end of the line gets rolling, determining come-ups

All aboard the Rifleman Express!

The full range setup

Lunchtime history

Gregg's M1A Scout and Janet's tuber

David was given the Fabulous Footwear award by the instructor crew

Until next time!

There are more photos in the full album.  If you've got some, post 'em up!
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