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Northeast Instructor KD Weekend

Started by VietVet, February 14, 2013, 12:31:58 PM

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This Event has been set up and will be run by SI Ninsho:

Northeast Instructors,

I would like to invite you to an Instructor Known Distance event up in Dalton, NH.  Over two days we will be covering the KD materials inside and out, learning not only how to apply them in practice, but how to best teach them and administer KD at any Appleseed.

Before skipping to the bottom to sign-up, please read this post in it's entirety to make sure you understand what to bring, when to show up, etc.  KD can be time intensive so this must run like a well oiled machine if we want to get in a decent number of KD AQTs

Who Can Attend:
Initially we will be opening this only to Instructors IIT3 and above.  We have a limited number of space, therefore it is crucial that we get our Shoot Bosses and Redhats tuned up on their KD instruction first.  If space becomes available we will open this to more IITs.  If you are not an IIT3 or above please PM me if you are interested so I can put you on a waiting list.

What To Bring:
Rifle - Please bring a reliable centerfire rifle that is already zeroed for 25 meters.  This is not the time to chase equipment, break in a new rifle, or zero your rifle.  Some limited time will be allowed to confirm and tweak zeros.

Ammo - I expect to go through potentially 350 rounds over the course of two days.  If you have more feel free to bring it.  Please do not bring any steel core ammo.  We may have opportunities to shoot steel...

Magazines - You will need at least two magazines (remember we will be prepping 2 and 8 for two stages), 6 is better so you can prep for all four stages at once.  Trust me when I say that the layout of the range will make this helpful.

Misc - Don't forget your normal shooting gear including slings, shooting mats, etc.  Canopys are welcome but please contact me before bringing one so we can coordinate and prevent excessive duplication of equipment.  Binoculars or spotting scopes are welcome and may be helpful.  The range is up the side of the hill so I recommend bringing good hiking boots or shoes, lots of water and some asprin.  The trip up the hill to score and paste is tiring so come prepared for it.  We will be shooting on essentially hard packed dirt and gravel so be prepared for that as well.

ATVs - If you have an ATV we can borrow please let me know ASAP!!!

The event will take place at Dalton Gang Shooting Club in Dalton, NH.  Check out the regular event EIP for more info on camping etc:

The club is right near the White Mountains with some great hiking trails, scenic views, etc.  It might be worth planning an extra day or two to see the sights while in the area.  DoesItComeInBlack and I vacationed around there last year so feel free to PM me for some recommendations!

August 10-11.  Please try to arrive by 8:00AM.  We will need help setting up, and you do not want to miss the morning.  If you miss the designated time to confirm zero, you will not shoot!!  :wb:

If you can only do one day, please try to make it Saturday!

Other Notes:
When you sign up please send an email to with your name, screen name, and phone number so I can contact you as more details come about.

Thank you for reading, now sign up here:
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Just a reminder to pre-register for this (and make sure you have emailed or pmed me your name / screen name / phone number)... we'll hold the current restriction on signing up to IIT3 and above until June 1... at that point its fair game for everyone.

This should be a great event, can't wait!


Just a reminder that this is now open to anyone IIT or above!