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Actual Distance Clinic for instructors only
« on: January 30, 2013, 03:43:08 PM »
We are pleased to announce that there is going to be an Actual Distance Clinic for instructors only, to be held at beautiful Graben River Farm, near Elberton Georgia, the weekend of April 13-14. The event will be a two-day format (last year we did three days), and although PHenry will not be able to join us this year due to his other extensive Appleseed commitments, he has certified this instructor to run this type of event. We will follow the program developed by Phenry and ITSanSKS as faithfully as possible, but the "flavor" may be a bit different. Although we will cover all the standard topics in depth, such as trajectory, come-ups, Battle Sight Zero, compensating for wind, shooting up ad down hill, target detection, shooting in low light, and a host of other topics, the emphasis will be on teaching the Actual Distance component at a standard Appleseed event. We welcome our Appleseed brothers and sisters from other states to attend this event and hope to establish more bonds across state lines.

There is no registration cost for the event, although there is a $10 range fee per day. I will be able to put up some people at my farm, which is not terribly far away. There are also accommodations at Graben River Farm for a nominal cost. Registrations will be handled in a private manner, and not through Eventbrite. Interested persons may contact me by phone (912 223-5808), by PM over our forum, or by email at:

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