Author Topic: USA Prepares Self Reliance Expo, Springfield, MO Nov. 4-5  (Read 221 times)

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USA Prepares Self Reliance Expo, Springfield, MO Nov. 4-5
« on: October 10, 2012, 01:27:53 PM »
I received this PM a week ago and contacted several folks via PM for this great promotional opportunity.  So far, a few have indicated interest in attending. 
We need people to get over to Springfield and man an AS table to tell the attendees about the AS program.  These  people are probably the most receptive people  in the entire country. 

Please consider helping out here.  You can let MtnManPrepper know.  He is available to help as indicated in his letter below.
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My name is Peter Kula (MtnManPrepper) and I live in the Denver, CO area. This message results from a conversation I had with Fred this afternoon regarding the USA Prepares Self Reliance Expo Fred felt this event may provide MO and surrounding areas a boost for volunteers and attendance. As a result, I have perused the organizer and secured a spot for AS.  The organizer is providing the booth space at no cost to RWVA and we have been invited to participate on a live radio program next Tuesday.  According to some, this is the largest and who's who of events like it.

Currently, Fred is working on the budget for the event and determining resources to allocate. How we have been handling these expos nationally is that I and/or Jim & Kim (prone_to_knit/oneshot_onehole) have organized and handled logistics and pre-event details and our attendance for at the event.  Participation from each state has been in the form of AS volunteers to staff the booth and local help for last minute items. For this particular Expo, we will likely not bring the pellet rifle range which will reduce the number of people required to staff the booth. Ideally, 3-6 people are necessary to staff a booth w/o the pellet range. If Fred is able to fund the transport for the range we will need 6-15 people.  Jim and Kim are unable to attend this Expo and I am tentative at the moment.

Would you be in a position to help gather folks to commit to these dates? In our experience, we've had apprehension of ASers to sign up because this is Public Relations related. We always provide on the job training at these so they are not left to "hang in the wind" by signing up.
I've committed AS to be on the radio show next Tuesday (10/9) at 11am central should you like to tune in. We will have a full hour to talk about our program and our mission. You can get to the radio program through their web site

Our hope is that you may have people resources to staff this event and thoughts how to pull off a win for MO and AR. The crowd will likely be ripe for recruiting volunteers...
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