Author Topic: Myakka City,FL AUG,25-26,2012AAR  (Read 288 times)

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Myakka City,FL AUG,25-26,2012AAR
« on: August 29, 2012, 10:47:26 AM »
 We had fantastic weather all the nay sayers were telling us we would be shut down due to extream weather!
I assured everyone that God shows Favor for Apple seeders. He did.
I will post a lot more later, just want to get this out there and get it up and started! ..:..
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Re: Myakka City,FL AUG,25-26,2012AAR
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2012, 11:30:45 AM »
 This was a great weekend even with the threat of a Hurricane bearing down on us. The Boy scouts did a tremendous job operating in a safe manner,My hat is off to you guys. Cam was our youngest scout and our DS (Designated Sniper).He handled his Rifle like a Seasoned operator. Here the pics as    I took
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Re: Myakka City,FL AUG,25-26,2012AAR
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2012, 04:04:29 PM »
Great Shoot Sunday breezy, minimal lite rain, almost cool, you should of been there.

After disappointing all the RO's with the fact that I did not bring my funny and beautiful daughter to the shoot. I now fully understand that my main duty at a 'seed is to be the transportation for said daughter, Carolina. BTW guys, I completely understand. If you compare me ( 53 Grumpy Balding Fat ) to her ( 15 Tall Athletic Long Hair and Funny ) a definite no brainer. It's like expecting Prime Rib Dinner and getting half a bologna sandwich with a flat can of diet Tab.

Learned a lot of little tricks that will make me a better shooter. We had a great instruction period properly learning "ball and dummy drill", a very useful tool I will use with my kid's and grand-kids to punch up their shooting skills.
I didn't get my patch this week and my best was only a 195 but I was happy and surprised with a 190 on the fast AQT. The good score pointed out to me by one of the Red Hats, "was probably 'cause the round speed. I didn't have time to engage my brain", a tool that I am ill equipped to use.

On the personal side the Fast AQT my new Remington 597 ACC gave me 3 stove pipe jams leaving me with 4 rounds unshot. No excuses though, if the shooter (me) had done his job the remaining 4 round should have been just iceing on the cake. I expect the Remington will do better as I get some rounds through her (have less than 1k now). It's sister 597's that I own don't start to show that bad habit till around 400 when soaked, and about 800-900 dry with my usual std velocity ammo.

Anyway I was a great day shootin' and talking with a bunch of dedicated, patriotic folks. And all you need get out and shoot a 'seed.
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