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Rhode Island Has A New State Coordinator.

Started by VietVet, June 18, 2012, 09:32:37 PM

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  Thank you CharlieHotel for stepping up and taking on this position.

CharlieHotel (Chris, or CH as we call him) will make us all proud. I'm sure of this.
His dedication to our Mission has been obvious from the day he made Rifleman. Actually even before that. 

Please join me in welcoming CH as the NEW SC for Rhode Island.
Congrats and good luck CH.

Also please lets not overlook what RI's past SC vernic82 (Fred) has done for us.
Thank you Fred for watching over RI and I'm sure you'll continue to stay very active in Appleseed.

Thank you both.


"With your shield or on it"

Josey Wales

..Welcome CharlieHotel..  and "Thank You" for stepping up!! hell with them fellows, buzzards gotta eat same as worms..


CH - From one to another, welcome aboard!

Unbridled Liberty

Thanks for stepping up Charlie Hotel!  O0

For Liberty, each Freeman Strives
As its a Gift of God
And for it willing yield their Lives
And Seal it with their Blood

Thrice happy they who thus resign
Into the peacefull Grave
Much better there, in Death Confin'd
Than a Surviving Slave

This Motto may adorn their Tombs,
(Let tyrants come and view)
"We rather seek these silent Rooms
Than live as Slaves to You"

Lemuel Haynes, 1775


Growing old is mandatory; Growing up is optional!  :)

Marksmanship can be taught and learned,
but the motivation has to be inspired for the
people to become involved.
How many have you inspired that became involved?

George Hacker

Congratulations, Rhode Island! ..:..

Thank you, Charlie Hotel, for stepping up to fill this needed role. O0

- ShadowMan
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The Mrs.

Congrats RI and to Chris.  He will do us all proud!! :bow: :bow:
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Hear with love and truth
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Rhode Island is in good hands with CH at the helm. Thanks for stepping up! O0
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