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Charlotte, NC May 5-6
« on: May 08, 2012, 04:25:01 PM »
It was great to be back at the Charlotte Rifle & Pistol Club for our third year. With the continuing growth of the shooting sports and the resulting pressures on their calendar, we felt honored to be awarded two prime weekends this year with hopes for more to come. They host our events without range fees and their membership warmly welcomes and supports Project Appleseed. Their president took time out to welcome and address our group Saturday afternoon. His thoughts were most appreciated and strongly reinforced the seriousness and urgency with which we teach and honor our unique American freedoms and heritage.

We welcomed 3 new Riflemen to our ranks during a remarkably beautiful weekend. Of the 13 students, 4 had previously attended an Appleseed here or in Ramseur.

Katie, (age 14) at here first Appleseed, was the youngest to earn the patch. She is the daughter of fellow instructor (cdavidhord) whom you will recognize from the record setting Ramseur RBC 2/12! Must run in the family. Hopefully, she will take an Orange Hat soon. Our second Rifleman, Steve, also a member at CR&PC, is a veteran of the 101st Airborne. His skills were instantly recognizable on the first square of the day. Regardless, the AQT was challenging enough to make the patch a cherished and memorable accomplishment. Late on Sunday, Murray, who attended the March Appleseed in Ramseur, sealed the deal on his second try to became our third Rifleman for the weekend.

As everyone at this event had been invited by one of our Charlotte instructors, this group deserves recognition for their "7th Step" efforts. All brought friends, relatives or fellow members to hear the message of our founders to posterity and receive superlative Appleseed marksmanship instruction from a committed group of volunteers. Sincere thanks to our instructors, NeirR, jbachman, chavidhord, Pain Killer, Kardiac Kid, and Adena.

With the help of this local instructor group, we are building a lasting and valuable relationship with CR&PC for this growing area of North and South Carolina.
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