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Instructor Boot Camp, Feb. 18-19, 2012
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Fellow Appleseeders,

It is my pleasure and honor to inform you, on behalf of our State Coordinator Friedenmeister, that Georgia will host an Instructor Boot Camp at Pinetucky Gun Club in Augusta, Georgia on the weekend of Feb. 18-19, 2012. PHenry has graciously agreed to come up from Florida along with ITSanSKS and to run the event. It is gratefully appreciated, since Florida is scheduled to have some 50 Appleseed weekend events in 2012, and ITSanSKS is in the process of relocating to Alaska. For those of you who are familiar with them, they are two of the ablest and most dedicated instructors in the country. After ITSanSKS leaves to go to Alaska early this spring, we will not have another convenient chance to work with him, and PHenry will have his hands full in Florida getting the Florida events staffed without the help of ITSanSKS.

There are several reasons to attend the IBC. One is to become the very best instructors we can be. There will be a heavy emphasis on Simplicity and Precision, and those who have instructed with OldFudd or me know how essential these two factors are in running the accelerated, or hybrid, AS format. Second, we will have a chance to ask questions in a small group atmosphere of two of the best rifle marksmanship instructors in the country. Third is that it will give us a rare opportunity to develop our own in-state Senior Instructor-IBC/RBC. With this capability, we can have our own, geographically convenient IBC, RBC, and instructor-only Known Distance Clinic program. At present, we all have to travel a long distance in order to attend these advanced education events. In the future, we can have these right here in Georgia. The construction of the new long-distance Appleseed-friendly venue at Rising Fawn makes this a very real and fairly convenient addition to our Georgia Appleseed program. Last, this upcoming IBC will allow us to enjoy the company of some of the finest people in the world, fellow Appleseed instructors, in a small and pleasant atmosphere.

I include this message to our brother and sister Appleseed instructors in South Carolina, a number of whom I have the pleasure to know and to have worked with. The Augusta venue is convenient to a number of you, and the advantages apply equally well to you. The anticipated boot camps and instructor-only Known Distance Clinics most likely be in the north Georgia area and would be fairly convenient to you as well as Georgia instructors.

Please make every effort to attend. Your attendance is highly encouraged and most appreciated. If there are some who may be deterred by the registration fee, please contact me before you make any final decision. We want to get as many as possible to participate. I look forward to seeing all of you soon on the Appleseed "trail".

In Liberty,

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