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The ILLINOIS INSTRUCTOR BOOT CAMP dates are closing in fast. Be sure to sign up ASAP

Plan for the two day INSTRUCTOR BOOT CAMP  Feb 4-5, 2012  in Champaign, IL.
Really this should be a must attend for instructor development and the success of our program for the 2012 year.
Regardless  of the number of shoots you can do.your knowledge base and skill set plus familiarity with other
instructors is crucial for all of us to be able to be teamed up to Appleseed standard so that we can all bring our 'A' game
to the shooters, which this program is all about. THIS PROGRAM IS ABOUT THE SHOOTERS. We need to be at our best.

To quote Michelle and Terry Ragsdale 'PSE precision tournament archers' said, we have all heard the phrase,
Practice makes perfect!   Not true!   Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!" 

The Instructor Boot Camp is where  you get it. You will have a wonderful time. We promise!
The best of instruction will be headed by the Grand Master DonD Phd. and several others .
We are depending on you to be there. If you have not registered please do so right away.

Food  is provided/

This is a repost of DonD's  and Toronado's Please read:

In a previous post I assigned some homework for the attendees.    I will repeat that assignment here since it is perhaps easier to find than the previous one. Additional homework is also being added, as alluded to earlier.   Please download and bring the Instructor Manual. This should have been read earlier, but a review will help. IITs will be required to do many items which are in it, such as IMC. All IITs will also be expected to do some portion of the history. It doesn't have to be an entire Strike but everyone needs to have some experience at doing this in a public setting. My history is in an appendix in the Manual, but you can prepare your own if you wish. In fact, if you would like the latest version of my history, send me your email address and I will send it to you. Furthermore, my COF is in an appendix to the IM also, but it has been revised a number of times since then. I will be glad to send you that also. It will be useful to have at the meeting. IITs should not be intimidated by having to perform these tasks. Instruction and mentoring will be provided. But some work previous to the IBC will be required in order to reap the full benefit from it.

If we have as many attendees as hoped for, we will split into groups led by RHs and SBs. Therefore, these RHs and SBs are requested to bring their demonstration rifles. Furthermore, a mock Appleseed is planned and it would help if some of you would bring rifles, and mats or pads to lay them on.

Appleseed is undergoing a rapid expansion in IL this year. Many new ranges are already on-line and more are in the process. And we have exceptional instructors to complement this expansion. The training at this IBC should enable us to become even more responsive to the needs of the citizens of IL and of our beloved country. And the camaraderie which should be engendered among the instructors can greatly increase the morale and purpose of our instructor corps. Please come and help contribute to this worthwhile endeavor.

Please read Patriot Gals information page:


Best regards,

Castle Mountain

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Time to bump this one up too. Only 13 are preregistered so far. Time's a wasting.  ~~:)  Get signed up and check the other IBC thread for materials to bring.  &)  ;)