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Vision Statement
« on: July 19, 2009, 02:45:51 AM »
The Appleseed Project's goal is to reacquaint Americans with their unique history and heritage - specifically, the heritage born on April 19, 1775 which set in motion what this country was to become.

The Appleseed Project will instill foundational knowledge and appreciation of the Traditions and Heritage our Founding Fathers established at the birth of our country.  This inspires Americans to work together to restore and preserve our Founding Principles so these Traditions and Heritage will be passed on to future generations, as intended by our Founders.

Appleseed intends to share our Founding Heritage with as many fellow Americans as we can, in the shortest period possible.  Through knowledge and understanding of what their nation was founded as, intended to by, the people of this nation today can make informed decisions of where this nation needs to head tomorrow. 

The Founders have made a great sacrifice to set this nation up in a manner which would require much smaller efforts from the following generations to maintain this nation's blessings.  Simply using the system and tools which they established, we can ensure Freedom and Liberty for generations to come.