Author Topic: Las Vegas IBC November 19-20, 2011  (Read 712 times)

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Las Vegas IBC November 19-20, 2011
« on: November 01, 2011, 02:43:39 PM »
Come join us for the first IBC in Las Vegas.

One of the last opportunities to attend an IBC in 2011.

Held at the new Clark County Shooting Park, one of the finest ranges in the country.

Indoor Classroom. Outdoor range for training.

And all the amenities of Las Vegas. If your idea of roughing it is Caesars Palace this is the IBC for you. :cool2:
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Re: Las Vegas IBC November 19-20, 2011
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2011, 08:35:56 PM »
OK folks chime in,

who's planning on attending. Yours truly will be leading the event. If you have already printed out the instructor manual for yourselves thats great, if you want you can print out the IBC 2 day POI and the Day 4 RBC POI.

I usually get most of Day 1 and a little of Day 2 in a long first day 8:30 till 5:00 and then spend a hour or two covering the KD/LD advanced marsmanship stuff in the Day 4 RBC curriculum in the evening end of Day 1. Then everything else is day 2 including a mock AS. If I know who's coming and their experience level then I can tailor day 2. If its truly new IITs then a realistic mock appleseed to give practice of IIT1/IIT2 etc is worthwhile. Otherwise if its a more experienced cadre we can turn it more to a sharing of hints and tips on running an AS, Shoot Boss manual kind of stuff.

Let me know who's coming so I can work out how much material/handouts to prepare.

I'm working out what time I can get away Fri and how long the journey will take etc., I may just grab a motel room nearby if I'm going to be insanely late otherwise is there anyone nearby who might want to put me up to reduce costs.

By the way, officially there needs to be 6 paying ($70, not attended an IBC before IITs) for an IBC. Everyone else, ie RH and if you've been before can attend for free for a refresher...  Please sign up on eventbrite whether you are free or not cos I need to know how many are coming.

I'm pretty sure there are some SB/RHs attending who are shall we say "seasoned" who can help me as instructors to run the course. If you want to do that rather than attend then sign up for the event via instructor scheduling as usual - eventbrite to attend as a student, instructor scheduling to help instruct at it. Until I know numbers I won't know how many instructors I'm gonna need. I'm not to worried about his as I can coopt students just like we do at shoots!

And also, I've heard rumors that some people don't want to come because "Boot Camps" are "reeducation camps" for errant instructors.... c'mon folks, I learn and get back in touch with the basics everytime I teach one of these, just like in shooting, bad habits creep back in and a "fundamentals" clinic helps tune you up and knock the rust and dust off. An IBC is just the same, its a chance of more experienced instructors to share hints and tips but also study the "simplicity and precision" mandated curriculum so we can fix any tendencies to circumlocution which may have wandered into to our presentational skills set.... verily this vichysousse of verbiage doth veer most verbose.... so you can simply call me V and lets have fun at an IBC this weekend.

And remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas....


Oh and this is not a Nevada only event. If you want to come all are welcome, Utah, Arizona, California, etc.

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