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Glock23 visits Sadlak Industries
« on: October 16, 2011, 10:59:18 AM »
I spent yesterday afternoon at Sadlak Industries, purveyor of quality parts for the M14/M1A. Mike Sadlak, owner/engineer/designer believes his customer service should be equal to the quality of his products, and he makes some seriously good products.

When I called Sadlak last week, the receptionist transferred me right to Mike who was very happy to talk with me on the phone. I spent almost 4 hours with Mike yesterday as he personally took care of me and my rifle. At no time did I feel I had anything less than Mike's undivided attention. He was simply one of the nicest guys I've ever met and it's obvious he's passionate about the M14 platform.

Mike does not normally custom-fit/install his products because he doesn't have a "gunsmithing" license, but if you bring cash, he'll take excellent care of your rifle.

I had one of his famous steel scope mounts installed. Mike took the time to do it right, breaking out the calipers, measuring my receiver, and making sure the fit was perfect. As we were sitting there, his CNC machine was churning out scope mounts from solid billets of steel, which was fun to watch.

He also installed one of his QD Front Post Assemblies. This was not an easy install. He painstakingly drilled out the original rivets taking care not to hit my stock, then JB-Welded the new one in. It's a solid assembly. He also stocks Harris Bipods at a competitive price and threw one on for me.

Next he installed one of his Tactical Magazine Releases. I wasn't sure I wanted one until I saw it in person. I thought the factory release was fine, but Sadlak's is HUGE and very tactile. An immense improvement over the original.

Finally, he installed one of his National Match Spring Guides. Mike explained that the original rectangular spring guide would force the spring to kink to the left or right. This would cause the bolt to close a few thousandths of an inch left or right, affecting long range accuracy. The NM Spring guides are round and fully support the spring, forcing the bolt closed in a consistent spot every time. Mike mills his from solid steel, unlike his competitors who weld them together.

I had previously purchased Sadlak's Gas Cylinder Wrench and Drill Set from Fulton. Again, high quality stuff.

Mike is also a Leupold Dealer and his prices on optics are competitive. He'll give you 10% off a mount if you buy an optic.

Mike also makes high quality gas blocks for the AR.

The quality of Mike's products is superb and they're priced competitively, but the personal touch is where he excels. Sadlak is a local small business that deserves your patronage.

If you go, tell him you're an Appleseed Instructor and that I sent you. I won't get anything out of it, but we did talk Appleseed and I want him to make the connection.