Author Topic: Welcome Oregon's Newest Orange Hats!!!  (Read 522 times)

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Welcome Oregon's Newest Orange Hats!!!
« on: September 27, 2011, 10:14:56 PM »
Everyone!  Oregon has three new orange hats!  All of them stepped up to help at the Castle Rock, Washington shoot on Sunday, September 25, 2011.   ^:)^

First there is Andrew (aka AndrewOR).  He is a 14 year old young man who has been to quite a few Appleseeds with his father and younger brother.  He shot a rifleman's score and earned his patch.  He has a keen interest in history so I told him to study the story of Luther Blanchard so he can tell it at his next Appleseed.  He is a bright young man and he has a servant's heart.  Young men like Andrew give me a lot of hope for the next generation.  O0

We also had two gentlemen step up and take the orange hat as well.  Brigham (aka brghm) earned his rifleman's patch as well this last Sunday and decided he wanted to help with Appleseed.  Thanks for stepping up.  :)

Whit (no forum name yet) also stepped up to take an orange hat.  I got to see him shoot his first rifleman's score a week earlier at the September 17 event in Springfield, Oregon.  Well done and thank you for stepping up to help us help Americans rediscover their American heritage.   :)

I'm sure I speak for all the other instructors at Appleseed when I say that we look forward to working with you at different shoots on the Appleseed trail!

 ^:)^ Huzzah!   ^:)^ Huzzah!   ^:)^ Huzzah!

- Shadowman
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