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2011 Get Your Flyers - New Dates and Contact Info
« on: August 24, 2011, 01:32:26 AM »
Here's the list of revised flyers for the upcoming shoots for the balance of the year.

Please print out the ones near you and pass them around to gun stores, sports stores, police stations (they will come) and anywhere else you can think of.  There are gun shows coming up which is prime contact time to meet potential Appleseeders. 

Alton - Aug 27-28 and Oct. 22-23;    Alton Flyer

Bonfield - Oct. 29-30 and Nov. 26-27;    Bonfield Flyer

Carmi - Sept. 24-25;    Carmi Flyer

Chillicothe - Oct. 1-2 and Nov. 5-6;    Chillicothe Flyer

Clinton - Oct. 1-2;    Clinton Flyer

Danville Oct. 29-30;    Danville Flyer

Marion - Oct. 8-9;    Marion Flyer

Waterman - Sept. 10-11, Oct. 1-2, Nov. 5-6, Dec. 3-4.    Waterman Flyer

There is still a lot more Illinois Appleseeding to accomplish this year!!!  Fourteen more shoots on the schedule.  The best is yet to come!!!

Let's gear up.  Next year we'll have more shoots at already established ranges and we're already working on bringing more ranges online.  Illinois is growing!!!!  O0

Sign up!!  Bring your friends, family, in-laws and out-laws (leave the out-laws at home) %)
Remember that many hands make light the work, so pick up a bucket and let's get bailing!!!

Thanks to everyone for all you do for Appleseed!  :bow:   :bow:
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