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Shoot date October 15-16
Oklahoma Inaugural Tri_City_Gun_Club Appleseed.
I met with Gene Adkisson (Chief Safety Officer) at TCGC Saturday.
We nailed down where the target and firing lines should be set and how TCGC rules and RWVA rules will interact.
Posters and fliers are posted at the range with Trifold brochures at the sign-in station.
The 200 yard range is set aside for our use that weekend.
This is one of the top five ranges in Oklahoma as far as I'm concerned. This will be a high profile event.
I am wound tighter than a $2 watch for this event. We have been waiting most of a year to do this one.
Being that I am a member at TCGC, I could not contain myself and just had to post something.   ..:..  @)
I would like to encourage all the Oklahoma Instructors to turn out for this one.  :sos:

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Re: Oklahoma City Metro Area | Tri_City_Gun_Club Inaugural Appleseed
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Planning on being there.  Been too long since I was out with my UgliHat.

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Re: Oklahoma City Metro Area | Tri_City_Gun_Club Inaugural Appleseed
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Tri-City would make an excellent DAR for the Central OK region. Butch Fjoser in Woodward has a range in Moreland that would be ideal for NW. McAlester/Atoka, or Ada (Rifle and Pistol club) would be great for SE. Grandfield would be great SW, but we might want a 'less busy' place.  Hobart in Kiowa county would be great for SW. And we have Afton for NE. Red River Renegades in Electra, TX will let us use their 100 yard range, covered 150 foot firing point , movable benches, electricity, no water, lots of camping space, Wichita Falls is 20 miles away, on one condition. Muzzle Loaders only, due to a DOT/Federal law, cartridge firearms cannot be discharged on the property (80 acres).  I have a very good friend in Weatherford (SWOSU)who has a range we can probably use. I will see him in the next week or so.
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